5 TV above log burner ideas in the UK

With the rise of log burners in UK homes, more and more people are looking for ways to incorporate their TV into their living spaces while still enjoying the warmth and ambiance of their fireplaces. While having a TV above a log burner might seem like a challenge, it’s actually a great opportunity to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

In this article, we’ll explore the different factors you need to consider when incorporating a TV above a log burner and provide you with some innovative and stylish ideas to make the most of your space. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern solution or something a little more traditional, there’s sure to be an idea here that fits your style and needs.

We’ll also provide you with some tips for a successful installation, so you can be sure that your TV is safe, secure, and positioned perfectly for optimal viewing. So, whether you’re looking for a new and exciting way to use your fireplace or simply want to find a way to enjoy your TV and your fire in the same space, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started!

Following are the ideas for the TV above the Log burner

Can you put a TV above a fireplace?

With today’s sleek, lightweight, and OLED Display, the focal point dilemma between televisions and fireplaces is solved. Mounting a television above the fireplace is actually quite a smart idea, as it gives the inside a more aesthetic feel. You can create an entertainment centre that will be the visual centrepiece in any room by hanging a flat-screen TV above a fireplace. There is nothing better than a TV and a fireplace arranged in a way that frees up a ton of valuable floor space so that your custom furniture arrangement can focus on only one wall and generate satisfaction for watchers.

Above-Fireplace TV Mount

Mounting a TV above a fireplace is a controversial proposition with conflicting advice. It is true that there are ways to address this problem but experts seem to believe that in general, if possible, it is better to position your TV somewhere else, away from a direct source of heat.

Nonetheless, if you insist on placing a TV over the fire, you will need to follow these tips:

You should check your TV manufacturer’s specifications on how much heat it can withstand. Many TVs are capable of operating in temperatures that they specify. It is important to note that TVs produce their own heat as well. The TV may be placed above the fireplace with a thick fire surround and a mantelpiece that projects outward, thereby providing a barrier between some of the heat produced by the fire and the TV. Measure the maximum temperature reached in the room where you’ll be mounting your television using a thermometer while the log burner is burning. The television should be mounted as far up the wall as is comfortable to watch in order to avoid a close encounter with the log burner. You may also want to consider a gel fire as an alternative to a log fire. This type of fireplace has less heat output but still creates an attractive focal point.

Thus, when it comes to installing a log burner over a fire, most stove manufacturers seem to suggest asking your TV manufacturer for guidance.

Before you mount your TV above a log burner, consider these factors:

Your first concern should be the amount of heat generated by the log burner.

In order to ensure that the TV is not damaged by the heat generated from the log burner, be sure to keep it a distance away from it.

Secondly, you will need to find a TV mount that is sturdy enough to hold your television without breaking it. There are many varieties of TV mounts available, so be sure to perform thorough research before investing in one.

During the process of mounting your TV to the wall, you should ensure that you do not damage the log burner. Make sure to avoid drilling holes into the log burner and attach the TV mount to the wall using a non-flammable material.

The last thing to do is to ensure that cables from the TV are secured to keep them away from the fire, so they aren’t heated by it. The TV can be placed above a log burner if the log burner is large enough to accommodate it. Make sure your log stove and TV are both kept safe by taking the proper precautions.

How close should TVs be to wood furnaces?

In case you may be thinking about mounting your TV over a wood stove, here are some guidelines to help you decide the distance between them.

Several factors influence the answer to this question, including the type of wood-burning appliance you have and the wattage of your TV. A minimum distance of six feet should be kept between the wood burner and television. If one of the devices is damaged, the other won’t be affected.

Do fireplaces damage LED TV?

To proceed with the installation of the LED TV over the fireplace, you will need to answer a few questions first. In the event that you use the fireplace frequently, the heat emanating from the logs would be excessive enough to affect the performance of your LED TV.

As you can see, it is not a major issue since all you have to do is to ensure that there is sufficient physical insulation material beneath the wiring that gets installed behind the wall and adjacent to the chimney. So that the wires won’t be overheated beyond the range recommended by the appliance’s manufacturer.

01. Keeping the walls thermally insulated.

In the case of an interior design project where there hasn’t been a fireplace built yet, the ideal solution would be to choose fire-resistant boards. These fireplace refractory panels exude a high thermal resistance and provide a strong and stable platform for thermal insulation and mechanical stability. Woodworking tools can be used to work with these panels easily. This type of fireplace is perfect for building fireplaces and constructing chimney breasts in places where none already exist.

If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your room, you might want to mount your TV over your fireplace, however, this approach comes with its own pros and cons that should be taken into consideration before mounting your TV above your fireplace. Such as:

02. Visually appealing

It goes without saying that the TV above the log burner provides the most obvious benefit of making it visible from a distance.

There are many TVs these days that feature high-fidelity OLED screens, which provide exceptional picture quality and clarity no matter how the viewer sits. However, non-LED TVs do not have this advantage, and they can sometimes appear dull and washed out when viewed from a standing position. As long as the fireplace mantel is centralised and raised, the TV can be seen from more locations in the room, enabling you to place furniture as you see fit.

02. Additional Space

Mounting your TV on the wall over the fireplace not only enhances its visibility but also frees up the space normally occupied by a large TV stand. If you have a limited amount of space, mounting your TV is a good option for you.

03. The distance is too great

It is wise to mount your television several feet above your fireplace so that it will be out of reach of pets and children, thus reducing the possibility that your boisterous family members will knock it over, damaging it. Furthermore, it prevents mucky fingerprints from appearing on your screen.

04. Beautifully Designed

Mounting your TV over the fireplace may be aesthetically pleasing and complement the design of your home. It is apparent that electrical outlets behind fireplaces are a popular design choice as many new homes have them. In addition to all of this, you can configure your TV so that it displays attractive images and artwork when it is not in use, adding yet another creative surface for you.

Disadvantages of having a TV over a fireplace

The risk of heat damage
Aching neck and eyes
It is too glaring

The most significant risk of hanging your TV over a fireplace is the possibility of heat damage to your expensive TV. Those familiar with the subject of electronics know that constant heat exposure doesn’t do well with them. Temperature-sensitive components degrade over time and cease to function effectively, meaning your TV’s life expectancy will be shortened considerably and your warranty void. There’s more to it than just the heat. As a result of a smoke-emitting fire, your TV’s components may become covered in particles of smoke, weakening the TV’s ability to dissipate heat properly, causing it to overheat before its time.

Due to the unusual posture, you have to maintain while watching TV at such a high angle for extended periods of time, watching TV can cause neck pain for a long period of time. As you may not be viewing the television at its ideal angle, this can also result in eye strain. A combination of both of these can lead to headaches and soreness in the neck.

The placement of your TV over your fireplace might seem like an unattractive design choice according to your own tastes. This is particularly true if the fireplace serves as the room’s focal point. There is a possibility that the placement of the TV will detract from other design features of the room and will be too extravagant. Screensavers can sometimes compensate for this, but for those who are especially concerned about their living area’s aesthetic appeal, an over-the-fireplace television maybe a little over the top.

How Safe Is It To Mount A TV Above A Log Burner?

When mounting a TV above a log burner, there are some risks involved. It may damage the TV due to the heat from the burner. TVs that are not made to withstand high temperatures are especially susceptible to this. Furthermore, a fire could start because of sparks from the burner. Thirdly, you may damage your television with fumes from the burner. Finally, The TV may also fall if it is not firmly mounted on the wall.

A guide to cleaning a log burner

You can add extra warmth and ambience to your home by installing a log burner. Keeping the burner clean, though, is important in order to protect yourself.

It is important to remove any ash and soot from the interior of the log burner before cleaning it. Using a brush or a vacuum cleaner with a dust attachment is an effective way to do this.

In the next step, you need to clean the burner’s glass door. This can be done by spraying it with glass cleaner and rubbing it clean with a paper towel.


What is the maximum temperature of a log burner?

The heat produced by a log burner can be quite intense, especially when it has recently been used. Keeping children and pets away from the burner is very important, and never touching it when it’s hot is even more crucial. The heat from the burner may be too much for your home, so you can install a shield over it. The shield will assist in reducing the heat and keeping your home comfortable.

Is it necessary to clean my log burner regularly?

A log burner needs to be cleaned at least once a year, or more often if it’s often used. The cleaner it is, the safer and more efficient it will operate.


So, now you know how good or bad it is to put a TV over or on top of your wood stove. Various manufacturers have different specifications regarding their products’ proximity to fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, which is why you should check with the manufacturer first. The risk of fire and damage to your TV will also be a concern when installing a TV above a log burner.

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