TLM Colour Changing Foundation review and buying Guide in 2022

Looking to buy Tlm Colour Changing Foundation? Then, you are in the right place. Choosing foundations is one of the trickiest aspects of cosmetics shopping. In today’s makeup market, varieties of the foundation are available so that there is a foundation for all. It can be challenging to choose a suitable colour because of all the different undertones and shades available. In most cases, we dislike the appearance of too dark or light-shaded foundations. We are fortunate that the makeup industry keeps evolving, which has resulted in the production of colour-changing foundations in the fashion world. Adaptable and multi-functional, these foundations could accommodate more than one skin tone. Today, in this post I will try to give you Tlm Colour Changing Foundation review based on user feedback.

What is the revolutionary brand? 

The answer is TLM Colour Changing Foundation, which is expected to bring revolutionary changes in fashion. An effective colour-match formula protects and hydrates the skin while adjusting uneven skin tone. Anyway, today is the day you might lucky because this article will bring out the all-around aspects of the most pleasing colour-changing foundations available in today’s market. But, before you hop onto that, have a glimpse of what precisely a colour changing foundation is.

“Colour Changing Foundation” – What is that?

Women face colour

Throughout all these years, products claiming to change colours claim to provide equal coverage and matching colour, eliminating the need to. To begin with, figure out the colour and tone of your skin, followed by selecting the appropriate foundation. When it comes to adaptive foundations, there are primarily two types of products available: products that react to your skin’s pH, as well as micropigment foundations. When rubbed into the skin, the pigments in the gel disintegrate to release the colour.

Because skin tone is not affected by your pH level, it’s recommended to go with the second one, as it is medically sound.

How nice the TLM Colour Changing Foundation works?

A unique formula in TLM isolates and holds the pigment, tiny colour capsules. As the TLM foundation is a white-coloured foundation, this SPF moisturiser in the bottle is responsible for the colour.

Colour Changing Foundation

There is a coating on the pigment, which prevents the pigment from discolouring. Upon applying the foundation to the face, the protective coatings separate, and the pigment appears.

Since pigments cannot determine your skin tone, they automatically match your complexion. Therefore, leaving the TLM foundation on the skin for too long will not produce the best results. Instead, blending the foundation will make the colour come through. In time, you will eventually reach a point where you may satisfied with the colour and shade and stop rubbing.

As a result, while you’ve done a great job matching your foundation, you’ve managed to do so independently. In the matching stage, you are the one who has put the most effort in, not the foundation.

Coverage of TLM’s foundation

Fingers don’t give us even coverage, and instead, the foundation remains stuck on the palm more than the face. It takes only one stroke for moderate coverage. In addition, it manages to hide blush marks and dark circles without using any additional concealer.

Due to the thickness of TLM’s foundation, you might have hesitated to put more makeup around your eyes due to concerns it might become oily.

More product is necessary to fully cover the skin, although building this multi-coloured foundation may take a little while.

Blending the new foundation layer, you’re also causing the pigment in the first layer to increase, which takes a long time to blend and makes it appear too dark after matching perfectly with the first layer.

Using two pumps on the palm and building the colour up at once is recommended instead of building it up slightly and accumulating more colour.

Additionally, less product will give you a more natural look, and it won’t take as long for the product to blend to get your complexion so you might prefer that.

Be careful when contouring; significantly, when applying cream contours and blushers, you might disrupt the balance of your foundation by patting and mixing these components on top of it. Well, it’s a little disappointing that being able to match wonderfully with the moderate skin tone, the TLM foundation cannot maintain the consistency with the skin having extreme complexion, i.e., too dark or too white.

You may have to apply too much foundation if you are pale, at which point you will have activated too much colour, and your complexion may discolour.

The TLM foundation may need to blend carefully to match the required shade for people with dark skin. Moreover, considering that we developed an orange colour on our skin, it might so happen that the capsules don’t contain the depths of colour and the colours that will work best for skin tones with deeper pigmentations, especially for deep colour.

Aspects of Colour and cohesiveness

It’s the white colour with a few spots of colour that first caught everyone’s attention about the colour-changing foundation from TLM.

One of its most unappealing features was its smell. While most foundations you buy in the store have no noticeable scent whatsoever, this particular colour-changing foundation from TLM has a very distinct smell, making it almost smell like a chemical.

When a single stroke is applied, a lump is created that is approximately the size of a plum and is relatively dense. The foundation is much more prosperous and is not as thin as other foundations.

The finish is matte, with just a hint of sheen, contrasting with many other foundations with a shiny look.

Process of Apply

Unlike other foundations, it does not need to preface or layered, as it is both a moisturiser and a sunscreen in one.

A heavier texture will develop before applying the foundation and seem very unnatural to your skin.

However, a question is troubling about the use of concealers with it. Proper use of concealer might grace the look with the TLM foundation, but the scenario might opposite if used heavily.

Once you have completed that, you can generally continue with your makeup.

01. Aesthetics and appearance

When you apply the product, the first impression will make you feel as though you are putting on sunscreen because of a distinct feature of the TLM colour-changing foundation, which is the white colour, which might sway you in addition to the strong scent. Further, it may seem that the foundation takes some time to absorb, but it doesn’t. Keep mixing in this manner, and you will probably begin to realise that it does function in reality.

Instead of using your hands, sponges or brushes, use a foundation brush to apply it effectively. You can, however, still achieve excellent results by using your fingers. It is important to gently move your hand round in circular motions. It allowing the colour to soak into the skin faster and achieve a more professional look. You will have a tough time blending it with a sponge, so using a brush or a finger instead is the better option.

How long does it last?

About 16 hours are needed to change the colour of TLM’s foundation. Due to its long-lasting qualities, it does not require touching-ups throughout the day.

Can oily skin be treated?

That is a real issue. Most people around have oily skin, and they seem to helpless about it. But don’t worry, as the finishing appearance of this foundation is luminous.

  • Committed to the quality.
  • Hours of shine and oil control.
  • Better performing than its contemporaries.
  • Solid consistency.
  • Chemical odour.

When choosing a foundation, what factors should be considered? A complete buying guide:

Following is the thing you should keep in mind while buying a colour changing foundation.

Adapting the colour 

White hues are usually associated with foundations that change colour. Numerous ingredients are incorporated into this white foundation, such as Coloured beads that will react to your skin tone. It fits your skin more and more as they are mixed into your skin.

The foundation has a bright white colour, and though you may concern about its brightness. It will blend into your complexion seamlessly.

Areas covered 

In addition to a great range of shades, you can customize your foundation in a range of coverage levels as well. Irrespective of your preference, you are sure to find a self-adjusting foundation to suit your needs. 

Final touch

It is a great privilege to have foundations that change colours in different finishes. You can opt for shades and tones that can be anything to everything to create the ultimate finish according to your taste.

Additionally, it is also possible to customize a foundation to include other makeup products, making it possible for you to achieve the best results in the form of a flawless finish. 

Holding ability

The duration of colour changing foundations may vary from one product to another. For example, the creams can have sun protection in an SPF rating or sufficient coverage that would last for long. In addition to your personal preferences and lifestyle, it can also be helpful to consider what would work best for you after all.

An insight into the range of products from the brand TLM:

  1. TLM Colour Changing Liquid Foundation Cream For Acne-Prone Skin 
  2. TLM Colour Changing Foundation Liquid (30ML) For Oily And Normal Skin 
  3. TLM Flawless Colour Changing Foundation (Cream Base For Adult Skin)
  4. TLM Colour Changing Foundation (Liquid Base For Standard Combination Skin Type)
  5. TLM Colour Changing Foundation (Liquid Base For Adults Skin Type)
  6. TLM Colour Changing Foundation (For Sensitive Skin Type)
  7. 2PCS TLM Flawless Colour Changing Warm Skin Tone Foundation3 Pcs TLM Concealer Cover Cream, Flawless Colour Changing Foundation Makeup


Can TLM be the only colour-changing foundation on the market?

It could have been. However, other brands offer colour-changing foundations on the market. But apparently, this is the most famous and top-selling colour-changing foundation on the market.

Are you looking for a perfect finish?

In the event of severe problems, the number of layers you need to apply should have to be quite large. However, this is something that you should not do since it looks a little unnatural. Not to mention that your skin will most likely be light in color after it is done.

Do you believe in the TLM foundation?

It is a non-comedogenic, skin type-specific, and reasonably priced foundation that protects the skin and changes its color according to the mood. Using this foundation is also suitable for treating many conditions related to the skin. You can use this makeup item for all occasions since it is lightweight and enduring to be used for a wide range of reasons.


Fortunately, you now can find the most hydrating, longest-lasting foundation, regardless of the kind of skin you have. Many makeup artists recommend TLM Colour Changing Foundation. However, this is also an excellent product for light makeup as a BB cream, or you can use it as a makeup base to make heavy makeup look even better.  

Hopefully, you have found this TLM Colour Changing Foundation Reviews useful and have learned something from it. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any.

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