Sanctuary spa gift set in UK 2022: Review & Buying Guide

Everyone wants buttery smooth, soft, luxurious, healthy skin but to have this one must have good skin and with all these in mind Sanctuary spa was established in the year 1977 in the convent garden, but in the rush of every day, people rarely get time to manage every product of body care.

Now, what can be better than a complete gift set, be it for yourself or to gift at your loved one’s birthday, anniversary. A Sanctuary Spa gift set will make everyone smile for sure. Moreover, it is a completely vegan product which made it easier for everyone to use.

Sanctuary Spa has products such as shower cream, body wash, body lotion, body scrub, shower oil, wet skin moisturize miracle, shower burst, hand cream, anti-bacterial hand wash.

Sanctuary spa gift ideas:

If you are looking to gift your special person on any special occasion, what can be better than a complete gift set. Moreover, if it is anything from which one can get pamper of own self. A sanctuary gift set is a perfect thing for it. You can buy a complete Sanctuary gift set, which is available in stores or online. Also, you can show your creativity by creating your own DIY gift set.

 If you are looking to add products of your own choice, then you must try a DIY set. Choose products of your own choice of Sanctuary spa and then take a plate, basket, wooden box, or anything of your convenience where you can place the products beautifully so that the gift looks modish. You can also make the gift set affordable as you want. Add the items which are available, which will be of use and your Sanctuary spa gift set is ready.

List of Sanctuary Spa gift set: Buying guide

As mentioned, sanctuary spa gift sets can be bought from stores or it is available online on many sites. Starting from travel gift set to large sets, sanctuary spa gift sets have it all, for every occasion. A few details of the Sanctuary Spa gift sets are-

1. For the pamper queen: uplifting moments gift set-

This gift set contains four items- Mini Body Scrub, Mini Body Wash,  Mini Body Lotion, Mini body lotion butter all comes in a travel gift set.

Mini body scrub– The mini body scrub is formulated with essential oils and other ingredients which make the skin smooth, shiny, and clean. This gel-based body scrub exfoliates the skin leaving a velvety touch.

A Mini body wash– The body wash is filled with essential oils, jojoba beads. When used this gel-based body wash transfigures into foam leaving the skin moisturized, clean.

Mini body lotion– This lightweight body lotion comes with aloe Vera, hydrating Argan oil which soothes the skin, feeling the skin moisturized.

Mini body butter- This body butter is filled with cocoa butter and shea, sweet almond, and macadamia nut oils which will make the skin feel the glow, soft and smooth at once.

2. For the Glow Better: Time to Glow Gift set-

For the Glow Better Time to Glow Gift set

If someone is looking for skincare products or a spa set that completes from head to toe, this gift set will be the best.

Mini Body Scrub- This body scrub contains essential oils which exfoliate the skin, leaving the skin feeling velvety and beautifully smooth.

Liquid Gold Bath Elixir- Sanctuary spa’s liquid gold bath elixir contains rose flower water, vitamins that will make your skin soft and smooth.

Wet Skin Moisture Miracle- Facing problems with your dry skin? If you want to repair your dry skin then nothing can match the Sanctuary Spa wet skin moisturize miracle. It will make your skin smooth,  hydrated right away.

Daily glow radiance tonic- This daily glow radiance tonner exfoliates the pores in the skin by accelerating the skin. It contains brightening vitamin B3, glycolic acid, and licorice for soothing and toning.

Daily glow mask- This skin brightens and improves skin texture at one go as it is filled with brightening Vitamin C, rose extract, and other ingredients.

3. For the Light sleeper: Sleep Saviours Gift Set-

For the Light sleeper sleep Saviours Gift Se

For a person who is suffering from insomnia, this gift set can be the perfect one as it contains a sleeping mist and sleeping mask.

Sleeping mist- This mist has Jasmine and Patchouli which helps to reduce insomnia and will make you sleep faster, which is scientifically proven.

Sleeping Eye Mask- This sleeping eye mask helps to get a better sleep sooner as it helps to layout the uninterrupted light, which will ultimately help to get a good sleep.

4. For The Candle Lover: Candle trio

For The Candle Lover candle trio

People love to have candles at home for a delightful feeling, be it a candlelight dinner. This set from Sanctuary Spa contains the three most expensive-looking, splendid candles which will be the ideal gift to anyone. Lit it in your room and feel the gorgeousness of your house. This contains-signature sanctuary candle boosts, Luxury oud candles, driftwood, and sea spray candles.

Signature Sanctuary Candle boosts– The shooting fragrance of this candle will boost up the day or night of a person.

Luxury oud candle- The Rose, Jasmine floral oud scent of this will spread heavenly with its golden saffron which will make the ambiance of your home heavenly.

Driftwood and sea spray candles- The sea salt and citrus present on it will give you a beach feeling for sure.

5. For The Traveller: Marvellous Minis set

For The Traveller Marvellous Minis set

If you are looking for the perfect sized and best spa set for your next travel, you must have a Sanctuary Spa Marvellous Minis set in your backpack. This miniature will give you a relaxed feel wherever you are. The kit includes bath soak, body scrub, and body lotion.

Mini body washes-  It is formulated with essential oils, jojoba beads which are in gel form, after applying it turns into a nice fragranced foam that will not make your skin dry, it will leave the skin moisturized and smooth.

The Mini foaming bath soak- It is enriched with wheat proteins and aloe Vera, whose foam will make the skin feel fresh after use.

Mini body scrub- It is composed of essential oils which are very much essential for skin. Exfoliating will leave you with smooth and clean skin after scrubbing.

Mini body lotion- The mini body lotion contains aloe Vera and hydrating Argan oil which soothes the skin making it softer.

6. For The Busy One: Your Mini Moment Gift set

Your Mini Moment Gift set

Make your mini moments worth it with this Spa set. There are three mini body products included in the set: Mini body wash, Mini body scrub, and Mini body butter.

Mini body wash– Sanctuary Spa Mini Body Wash has a blend of natural oils, jojoba beads, and it’s in the form of a gel. It turns foamy after applying to make the skin smoother.

Mini body scrub– It contains essential oils, blending it with natural pumice, exfoliates the skin. It is a gel-based product. It makes the skin velvety soft, Smooth.

Mini body butter– This is infused with a rich source of Shea kinds of butter, cocoa kinds of butter, sweet almonds, and Macadamia nut oil which makes the skin buttery soft.

7. For the Jetsetter: Petite Retreat Gift set-

For the Jetsetter petite Retreat Gift set

A person who travels a lot and is thinking of his next travel destination this five travel-sized Sanctuary spa is the perfect match. It contains Mini body lotion, Mini body wash, Mini hand cream, Mini body scrub, Mini luxury bath float.

Mini body lotion- Infused with Argan oil and aloe Vera, this lightweight body lotion soothes the skin, keeps the skin hydrated, and leaves the skin moisturized.

The Mini body washes– Infused with essential oils and Jojoba beads,  this gel-based body wash transforms into a foamy wash after applying and keeps the skin smooth.

Mini hand cream– It is made up of sweet almond oil, shea butter which makes the hands creamy, smooth, soft, and hydrated.

The Mini body scrub– It contains essential oil and natural pumice which exfoliates the skin by removing all the dust from the skin pores.

Mini luxury bath float– It contains baobab Vitamin E and Freesia flowers.

8. For the Flower Lover

Sanctuary spa For the Flower Lover

Little Moment Gift set- Want to make your special one happy? Try gifting this flower-based product from Sanctuary Spa. It contains white lily and damask rose body wash, mini white lily and damask rose body scrub, white lily and damask rose body lotion.

White lily and damask rose body wash– It is infused with Rose, Jojoba beads, white lily which leaves the skin feeling fresh.

The White lily and damask rose body scrub– The combination of rose, white lily, and natural pumice will exfoliate your skin like anything.

White lily and damask body lotion– This lotion is formulated with nourishing shea butter and antioxidants, which makes the skin moisturized, soft and smooth.

9. For the Hard Work: A Few Extra Minutes Gift set-

A Few Extra Minutes Gift set

It includes three full-size products such as body scrub, body wash, and body lotion.

Body scrub– The essential oils and natural pumice exfoliates the skin and keep the skin fresh, smooth, and clean.

Body wash– The body wash contains Jojoba beads, essential oils transform the gel-based body wash into a foamy wash which keeps the skin smooth.

Body lotion– The body lotion contains aloe Vera, Argan oil which keeps the skin hydrated, smooth.

10. For Everyone: Luxe Hand Duo

Luxe Hand Duo

This hand Duo contains a gentle soap and a moisturizing lotion. It contains Hand wash and Hand lotion.

Hand wash– It is composed mainly of aloe Vera and mango which helps to keep the skin clean, hydrated.

Hand lotion– It is filled with Aloe Vera and shea butter, which keeps the skin smooth, soft, and hydrated.

Alternatives of Sanctuary Spa gift set:

In case you are finding it difficult to find sanctuary Spa gift set, you can go for alternative brands such as-

The decadent Spa collection, Nykaa wanderlust French Lavender bath and body combo, Daily bath ritual, Mercedes Benz women gift set, etc.


After analyzing all the gift sets of sanctuary Spa, we can assure it that this brand has the best kind of gift sets. Be it for the ingredients present or how affordable it will be for you, the Sanctuary Spa gift set will come first. The product has a combination that will definitely make the skin nourish, smooth, glow. So without further delay, grab the gift set for yourself or for your loved ones.

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