8 Best Plastic Dog Beds in UK 2022

Are you looking for the Best Plastic Dog Beds In the UK in 2022? Then, you are in the right place. Like humans, dogs also need rest to stay healthy and to get energy so that they can remain active and playful during the daytime.

An average dog needs to sleep for around 12 hours a day. However, these statistics can vary from shorter or longer, depending on the breed and age of the dog.

Considering that dogs spend a great lot of time sleeping and that it is crucial to their health to get enough rest, in order to ensure that they always need to have a good night’s sleep, it is essential to give them.

If you are buying a dog bed for the first time, you are in the correct place.

Plastic dog beds buying guide

Dog sleeping on plastic bed

Following are the points that you should look for before you buy a plastic dog bed.

01. Take a note of your Pet’s Weight and Length

Dog beds are available in a variety of sizes and types. In order to make sure you get the perfect bed for your pet, it will be best if you first take note of the weight and length of your pet before you make the purchase. Unless your dog weighs more than 18 kilograms, you should use a small bed. If the weight is between 19 to 27 kilograms, then you should go for a medium-sized bed, whereas a large bed would be suitable for pups that weigh 28 to 54 kilograms.

Additionally, to select a perfect size of bed for your dog, you can also use tape to measure your pet from its nose to its tail

02. Think about where you will Place the Dog Bed

Prior to purchasing a bed for your pet, first, take a look around your house and make a choice regarding where the bed should be placed. It doesn’t matter where you place it, either in the living room or in an unoccupied bedroom, one thing you should make sure of is that the dog bed should fit into the available space.

You may have numerous places in your home to place the dog bed, but before placing the bed, it should be kept in mind that the bed must be positioned in a way that the dog remains close to the owner.

When you take the time to do this, you will be buying a perfect bed that fits the sleeping area of your pet. 

03. Prioritize Durability

Certain breeds of dogs are known to be destructive chewers, causing them to destroy things around them, including beds.

In case your puppy has the habit of chewing, then you have to make sure you get a durable bed for your pet. It is not a good idea to choose a bed that is made of fabric and is filled with foam pieces or cushions since your pup may chew through the material, Rather Plastic bed will be a good option or providing your pup with a bed made from PVC pipe or aluminum covered in strong canvas-like fabric is probably the best solution for your pet.

04. Consider your Pup’s Sleeping Habits and Needs

Dogs are no different from humans when it comes to their sleeping habits. If you wish to ensure that your pet is able to get a good night’s sleep every night, you should take note of their pet’s habits.

If your pup stretches his legs while he sleeps, a rectangular or oval bed with a pillow top is the best for him since it will allow him to stretch comfortably as he sleeps.

Especially if your dog is a curler and a nester, a bumper or lounge bed is the perfect accessory for your pet. In case you are unsure of the size of the bed, it is better to choose a larger one as a larger sleeping area is more comfortable for your pet than a smaller one, which is uncomfortable for your pet. one,

In addition, some beds contain cedar chips, which are allergens for many dogs. In particular, if your pet already suffers from allergies, you should go for a product that has an ample amount of hypoallergenic material, which includes 100% natural cotton or poly-fiber.

05. Go for a  Bed that’s Easy to Clean and Maintain

Dogs have a much better chance of getting good sleep if their bed is kept tidy and smelling good. If you do not want to put all your free time into cleaning up your pet’s sleeping area, then go for an easy-to-clean bed.

As far as possible, you should go for a bed that has a removable cover so that you can remove the cover and put it into the washing machine on a regular basis.  

Dust mites and fleas can cause allergies in your dog as well as in you and the others in the household. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your dog’s bed free from these pests and allergens by maintaining cleanliness.

Online dog beds are among the best dog supplies available. If you choose the right pet store, you will be able to provide your dog with a comfortable place to sleep in the middle of the day or at night.


List of best plastic dog beds

Here are the top plastic dog beds.

01. Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Hard Bed

Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Hard Bed

If you are looking for a durable, waterproof pet bed, then this is the one. With these plastic pet beds, you can provide your pet with the perfect place to enjoy some well-deserved rest. You can easily clean these beds, and they’re very hygienic too. These beds are made from polypropylene (PP), a lightweight reusable plastic that makes this bed last long.

  • Cleanliness and hygiene are two key features of these beds.
  • These beds are made of polypropylene (PP) reusable plastic, which lasts long.
  • These beds offer a comfortable chin rest to your pet.
  • After looking at the benefits and after evaluating online reviews, it can be said that these beds do not have any cons.

2. Petface Plastic Dog Bed

Petface Plastic Dog Bed

Made from high-quality plastic, this bed is coupled with rubber feet to prevent slipping. The elegant shape makes it comfortable for pets to lie down.

 Moreover, this bed has a perforated bottom to promote maximum airflow. Additionally, its lower entrance makes it suitable for pets that are young, old, or ill.

  • The material used in this product helps the product to last long.
  • A surface that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • The holes that maintain airflow are not suitable for winter.

3. Karlie Pet Bed Domus Grijs

Karlie Pet Bed Domus Grijs

A sturdy plastic pet bed of top quality, with non-slip feet that will not slip. Its ventilated base keeps your pet cool, while its sides prevent cushions and beddings from shifting. In addition to the easy to clean plastic material, it is made from premium quality plastic, making it a long-lasting product. Its sturdy and ergonomic design will make your pet feel safe.

  • Its rubber feet prevent the bed from slipping.
  • Its ventilation system maintains the constant flow of air.
  • Some online reviews have raised questions about the durability of the product.

4. Strong Durable Dog Basket

Strong Durable Dog Basket

If you need a heavy-duty waterproof dog bed, then you are in the right place. These pet beds are one of the most opted pet beds in the market. This bed has a ventilated base that’s designed to ensure that your pet stays cool and comfortable during hot summer months. This heavy-duty bed is constructed of durable, reusable plastic that is made to last for years. As soon as your dog gets comfortable, the raised sides of the beds  (purchased separately) will hold the cushions in place, preventing any slipping. Moreover, these beds are super easy to clean.

  • The price range of these beds is affordable for any household.
  • These beds feature a ventilation system that keeps the pet cool in summer.
  • The ventilation holes may affect the pet in winter.

5. SONNY Classic Plastic Dog Bed 80 GRAPHITE

SONNY Classic Plastic Dog Bed 80 GRAPHITE

This dog bed is entirely manufactured from recycled plastic materials, which includes empty shampoo bottles and food containers, and can also be recycled after its long use. There are three sizes of bags in this set, the small (size 60) is made up of the equivalent of 20 1L bottles, the medium (80) is made up of 40 bottles and finally the large (95) is made up of 70 bottles. In addition, the beds feature a wide rim, a ventilated base, and rubber feet – making them the best choice for people with hard floors. They are available in a range of colors to suit every taste.

  • It has a much sleeker and more ergonomic design than plastic beds of the same kind.
  • Having a wider rim that can be used as a headrest. The quality and finish of the product are excellent.
  • Fresh bedding is made easier with a ventilated base.
  • Apart from a few buyers, who complain that their pets don’t feel comfortable in the bed, this bed is free from any cons.

6. Ferplast Plastic Kennel for Dogs and Cats Siesta Deluxe 4

Ferplast Plastic Kennel for Dogs and Cats Siesta Deluxe 4

This plastic kennel is made entirely of plastic and is solid and sturdy; moreover, the kennel has been shaped to suit your pet’s shape. In addition to being built to be extremely comfortable, the front has a lower slope which makes access easier. The chin-rest makes this a very useful product. It also has a special perforated bottom which ensures the proper distribution of air. It is very stable thanks to its anti-slip rubber feet and plastic feet. Siesta Deluxe 2 and Siesta Deluxe 4 are both excellent for dogs and cats that are a little smaller. Ferplast offers a range of comfortable cushions that can be added to the basket to ensure greater comfort.

  • Bed made from sturdy plastic, designed for dogs and cats, with a comfortable chin-rest to ensure your pet’s comfort.
  • It features a perforated bottom to allow for proper air circulation, anti-slip feet to provide maximum stability.
  • The product is suitable for only small size pets.
  • There are few complaints in the review about the longevity of the product.

7. Rosewood Sonny Classic Plastic Dog Bed, Mocha

Rosewood Sonny Classic Plastic Dog Bed, Mocha

This is a solid, top-quality plastic pet bed that comes with non-skid footpads. In addition to keeping your pet cool, the cushioned base has a ventilated base that keeps bedding and cushions in place as well. Moreover, It is made of a plastic material that is easy to clean, made of premium quality plastic for long-lasting use. Its ergonomic and sturdy design will make your pet feel more secure.

  • The product is easy to clean. Its ventilated base keeps a constant flow of air.
  • The material used in this product helps.
  • After evaluating all the online reviews and looking at all the features, it can be said that the product is free from any cons.

8. Petface Plastic Dog Bed, 70 cm, Black

Petface Plastic Dog Bed, 70 cm, Black

These beds are made of plastic, have holes for airflow, and rubber feet to prevent slipping. They are perforated at the bottom to allow air to circulate. Due to the lower entrance, your pet will be able to enter and exit the bed with ease, which is practical for young, old or sick pets. In addition to its elegant design, the bed also allows your pet to relax in a comfortable position.

  • Air circulation is maximized with the perforated bottom.
  • The lower entrance makes it easy for young, older, or sick pets to enter the enclosure.
  • Pet can relax in a comfortable position thanks to its elegant shape.
  • Apart from low durability, the product has no cons.

Final Words

We believe that the list above includes the best plastic dog beds that are of high quality. Plastic dog beds can be found in a wide variety of hard plastic types. However, the heavy-duty plastic dog bed in the list has made its way into the list based on its features and customer reviews. I hope the information about the dog basket plastic that I have provided helps you decide which one to choose. Besides, if you are looking for the best quality beds for dogs and your budget is flexible you can go for Petface Plastic Dog Bed since it is made from high-quality plastic and has many other important features. The Rosewood Sonny Classic Plastic Dog Bed is just what you need if your budget is tight but you do not want to compromise on quality.

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