North East Facing Garden: Pros, Cons and plantation

Are you looking to buy or design a North East Facing Garden in the UK in 2022? Then, you have landed in right place. In the event that you plan to start a garden, then keeping the gardening aspects in mind is essential. An important factor in designing a successful garden is taking into consideration everything that surrounds it, including the way that the sun moves. But figuring out what this means may seem complicated initially. Its primary purpose is to describe the location of the gardens as seen from that point. Thus, while you’re looking at your garden, the direction in which you’re looking determines the direction in which your garden will face.

Thus, when looking to buy a house or upgrade the garden you have, understanding the orientation of the garden is largely dependent on where it is located. Keeping track of when the sun rises and sets will help you maximise your outdoor space. Considering the new garden plot the next time you plan to move could be very important if you are relocating. When a person takes pride in their gardening abilities, he or she might be surprised by the adjustments that come from having a garden facing northeast. The question is, how do you tell whether you have a garden with a north or west orientation and how does it affect your garden. This article is to show you today how your garden’s orientation affects it. So. let’s start with what is NE Facing Gardens?

NE Facing Gardens: What is it?

As the earth revolves in rotation to the east, sunrise occurs in the east, and sunset occurs in the west. Knowing how the sun moves around your garden will inform how you use the space. A north-facing garden can easily be identified if you stand at the back of your house and look straight out; you’ll be facing north or northeast. If your home is facing north, it will be dark for most of the day, but if it is facing northeast, it will be light in the morning as the sun rises. The end of your garden will receive the most sunlight if it faces the northeast, especially if it is long. You will notice that as the day advances, the sun is moving closer to the house, causing the house to block out the sun from your garden.

What kind of person would benefit from a northeast garden?

When it comes to living in a home with a north-east-oriented garden, you might want to reconsider moving if you enjoy sunbathing, soaking up the rays, and hosting pool parties. There are fewer chances of getting lots of direct sunlight, and the gardens aren’t the hottest.

It might not be ideal for those who enjoy having lunch outside, throwing parties without burning everyone and are willing to adjust the plants they usually grow, but for those who enjoy having lunch outside and throwing parties comfortably, this might be the ideal garden for you.

What is the amount of sun NE facing gardens receive?

A garden that faces north east

A garden that faces north-east will be blazing hot in the mornings and cool in the afternoons. Sunlight can be expected in a north-east facing garden for a few hours each day. It is common to have a little light at the end of a garden in the Northern Hemisphere until late afternoon or early evening in summer. It is likely that you will get sunshine in your north-east facing garden only before noon in the winter, and until late in the afternoon if your yard is long and wide.

Generally, the sun is low in winter, but sometimes there may be some morning sunlight when it is high. Bungalows in the shade can enjoy the sunlight into the afternoon, as long as the structure isn’t too high.

A guide to determining the orientation of your garden

Garden orientation

Utilise a compass to determine the garden’s aspect by standing against your home’s back wall. A compass is marked with a needle that always points north, so set the compass to “N” and whatever direction directly in front of you is your garden’s aspect. The directions can be determined by using your smartphone’s compass app. By observing the sun’s position during the day and the amount of shade cast during the year, you can make an educated guess about the aspect of your garden irrespective of the compass. According to general knowledge, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

North-east garden-friendly activities

A north-east facing garden would be a great place for a summer party as the lack of direct sunlight will keep the garden cool. As an alternative, we would also suggest that you set up a play area for any children that you may have, whether they are indoors or outdoors, and include a sandpit or outdoor apparatus such as a bouncer. It is also not going to feel as harsh when you are gardening, because you won’t feel the heat of the sun beating down on your back while you are working.

What Plants Do Well in a Northeast Facing Garden?

Garden Plantation

Adding daffodils to your garden can add a slight touch of grace and tranquillity. It’s not a difficult thing to grow these flowers at the end of winter, and they can be a beautiful plant to have blooming while you wait for the spring flowers to begin blooming in your garden.

The tulip flower, with its delicate purple petals and bluebell-shaped shape, is another beautiful flower. Your garden will be better pollinated if you plant these flowers, which are effective in attracting bees. A garden without much sunlight needs good soil, enough water, and pollination to thrive.

Thirdly, the foxglove is a great plant. Foxglove will thrive in partial shade and is quite enchanting. Ensure that you buy the right variety, as some foxgloves require more sun than others. The plant with bleeding hearts is the last. It is simply gorgeous. In a shaded garden, they’re sure to add a splash of bold colour, and they look great either by themselves or with other plants and shrubs.

What to Look For When Buying a NE Facing Garden

South-facing gardens are among the most desirable features of a house but aren’t always available. Garden plots with a south-facing aspect usually cost more to purchase or are harder to find.

You may also find that a house you want to buy doesn’t have a south-facing garden in the area where you want to live or where you wish to purchase. As a bungalow has a north-east facing garden, you do not have to worry about getting good amounts of sunlight until late afternoon. While viewing houses, checking the direction in which a garden faces may be at the bottom of your list.

If you cannot get to the house to check how the garden faces, be sure to return to the house at different times during the day to verify you are satisfied with the level of sunlight. Early afternoon is an ideal time to check this. You might be able to get the answer you need from the vendor or agent. Alternatively, you can search the internet to see which direction the garden is facing in your desired house.

If you enjoy most of the day in the full sun and want an attractive garden with a variety of plants, you may regret purchasing a north-facing garden. Adding plants and seating to a small garden or driveway can be a great way for you to enjoy the afternoon sun. Those with an innate love for gardening will enjoy growing plants and flowers in a north-east facing garden since they can be just as beautiful as those with sunny south-facing gardens.

However, if you find a house that faces northeast, don’t let this bother you since you can still enjoy the morning sun across the back of the house and the backyard.

Gardening Tips for North-Facing Gardens

In order to best utilise a north-east facing garden, two main factors must be considered, namely understanding the impact of shade and maximising sunlight. The best plants, shrubs, and trees to choose for shading your outdoor space are those that prefer the shade. You are recommended those plants if you enjoy gardening. Adding bold-coloured furniture to your garden will also beautify dull areas. Choose bright colours to replace flowers that bloom throughout the day instead of traditional brown or green paint for fences and walls. The best way to make sure that the sun that will hit your garden makes the most of what it has to offer would be to situate a patio or decking at the back of the garden, where it will be warmer for a longer period of time.

To enjoy the best possible sunshine in your garden, go outside as early as possible, and then return inside when the shade begins to set in.

Advantages of a garden facing north-east

Gardening with a northeast orientation offers many advantages. Summer will not make the rooms in the back of your house too hot. Summer is best enjoyed when the back windows are opened since there is a cooling breeze. Your afternoon will be filled with natural sunlight in the rooms at the front of the house. In the garden, it is safe for children to play without having to worry about burning due to exposure to the hot sun. You will keep your garden cooler if you avoid hot weather. The furniture in your garden won’t be damaged by the sun. The sun won’t damage your lawn so you have fewer chances of patching it. The sun’s heat won’t cause plants to scorch. It would be easier to maintain a landscape with green shrubs and shaded trees. Summer afternoons are a great time for pets to be outside.

Disadvantages of a north-east facing garden

North-east-facing gardens benefit from more sunlight in the early morning. Those who like to sleep in or work nights may not benefit from this as much as those who rise early. In your garden, as the day progresses, the sunlight will recede down, requiring you to plant your flowers strategically so that you only have shade-loving species at the back extensions on homes with patios or other extensions that will likely receive a lot of shade. You may not have much luck using those areas like a sunroom or finding a place in your home that will allow a lot of direct sunlight to get to you since the location of your home prevents a lot of direct sunlight from reaching you.

Winter may be a time when you don’t see much sun. Some people may like this type of arrangement, but you must plan your garden accordingly and include plants that bloom in the shade during the cooler months.


What is the attraction of a north-facing house?

Most of a building’s direct sunlight comes from the rear in the northern hemisphere. Houses on the north side may have lower cooling expenses during summer in hotter climates.

Is it worse to have a garden facing east?

It’s fine to have eastern light in the morning, but the problem is that the best time to use the spaces is typically afternoon. A north-facing garden may be able to catch some west-facing sun.

Are NE-facing gardens ever exposed to the sun?

Sunlight reaches a garden facing the NE. Although there are a few hours of sunshine each day, it is not very much. Plants must be carefully grown in the shade so that they thrive. The rose, for example, can tolerate some shade throughout its life and thrive.


Even though south-facing gardens get more sunshine and offer more benefits, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about a northeast-facing garden. You cannot change the position of a house you buy, but you can change the design of your garden. You will get the most out of your home with clever planning and garden design. Hopefully, this article helped you with a perfect illustration of a North-East facing garden or house. Keep visiting for more such content. Thank you!

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