In the night garden soft toys buying guide in the UK 2022

Looking for In the night garden soft buying guide in UK 2022? Then, you are in the right place. A fun way to encourage your kids to enjoy the outdoors is to engage them in outdoor activities with outdoor toys. Playing with outdoor toys can encourage children to become more active and mobile. Furthermore, you can also encourage children to become active and mobile by allowing them to play with these toys. There are a variety of toys available to them, which they can use to run around with, go on an adventure, try out there pretend to play in their outdoor playhouse. In the night garden toys are very popular among parents in the UK. These toys are very soft and kids friendly. So, without wasting time let’s dive into the In the night garden soft and bath toys buying guide.

Soft toys buying guide

In this market where there is a wide array of outdoor play equipment available to you at the present time, you might find it a bit challenging to determine which one is best suited for your little one. Below you will find a checklist of a few things you should keep in mind when buying an outdoor toy for your child, including a few things you should watch out for and take into consideration. The purpose of this guide is to give you some insight into what you should look for when choosing a toy for your child.


When it comes to purchasing a toy, regardless of whether it is an outdoor toy or any other sort of toy, the safety of your child will always be at the top of the list. When purchasing a product, it is important to read the product description and warnings carefully. In case the toy is not appropriate for your child’s age, you should not proceed with your purchase and instead, look for something that is more suitable for your little one.

It is highly recommended that you choose outdoor toys that are easy to clean if you are a busy parent. It’s crucial to remember that these are toys that are meant to be played out of the house so, there is a good chance they will get dirty and grimy. So, it would be wise to wash them as soon as the play session is over.


If you are going to shop for an outdoor toy from a store, ensure that the materials used are not harmful to the environment. In addition, many wooden outdoor toys can also be used as nursery or playroom decorations, since they look good as well as are functional.

There is a wide selection of plastic outdoor toys available for children under one year of age. In my opinion, this is the most convenient type of toy for busy parents since most of them can be washed in the dishwasher, which makes them the most convenient type of toy. Nevertheless, these toys may contaminate harmful substances and chemicals such as bisphenol-A (BPA). Rather, both of these substances can categorize as hormone disruptors due to the fact that they interfere with the body’s normal hormonal balance.

A toy’s durability is also affected by the material it is made from. To ensure that your child’s toy will be able to withstand it, you must make sure that it is able to withstand it. Look up reviews from other parents to see what other people have said about the toy. This way, you will have a better idea of what to expect and what you need to pay attention to.


It is important that you take into consideration the amount of space you have in your backyard at home. The last thing you would want to do is to buy toys that take up so much space that your play yard will end up looking crowded after you have bought them. Make sure that you buy outdoor toys that are large enough for your little one to run around freely without crowding.

Educational Value

Toys that can be used both for educational and entertainment purposes are always recommended as outdoor toys. Make sure you stay away from novelty toys that do nothing but add to the novelty factor. Playing has always been a favorite activity for children, and it’s a great way for them to learn and develop many important skills.

Your Child’s Interests

Whether it’s a toy for the outside or any toy of any kind, you should think about what your child really wants when buying a toy. A toy that your child is not going to enjoy playing is something that you definitely don’t want to purchase. Thus, you can spend some time talking to your little one or joining him for a play session to find out what he likes and doesn’t like.


It is easy to find outdoor toys that are of the highest quality, which means that it won’t be hard for you to find one that fits your budget. For those who wish to avoid unnecessary spending or even if they wish to trim down their shopping lists, a budget range can be established which makes purchasing these toys so much easier.

In the night garden bath toys buying guide

Following are some points that you should be kept  in mind while buying a bath toy

Are these bath toys free from harmful chemicals?

Despite the advancements in scientific research, there are still a lot of parents who are still angry by the fact that a lot of children’s toys do not meet the safety standards as they should despite the advances in scientific research. It is important to choose manufacturers who are known to produce toys free from bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, lead, and PVC as much as possible.

Make sure that the product has no paint or dyes and that the label and actual product are toxin-free. The plastic bath toys for toddlers that you choose for them should at least be PVC-free if you choose them. In case your child swallows a toy, you have to make sure that it does not contain small parts that could choke your child if swallowed.

How old is your kid?

It is important to remember that when choosing the best bath toys for kids, it is very important to consider the age of the child. If a baby is three months old, the best toys for 18-month-old children may not be the best toys for a baby who is 18 months old.

It is good to choose toys for your children when they are very young, so you might want to choose those that will assist in the development of their hand-eye coordination. Also, it is highly likely that because children have a difficult time holding and grasping objects with their fists, it is more likely that they will choose to explore things using their other senses, such as their hearing and sight.

It is best to choose toys for babies who are 5 months old and under that feature bright colors, can be played with through a sound system, or feature an interesting texture.

There is a very good chance that toddlers will help enhance their motor skills, logic, imagination, and creativity. Stickers, puzzles, or pens can be used as part of an activity. You can also select ones that allow them to scoop and pour water. Choosing those that will allow them to improve their activeness

What kind of bath toys does your child like to play with?

If your child is quiet by nature, then you will probably find that they are more interested in toys that do not require them to move around a lot or those that are easy for them to handle. In addition to bath books being an excellent way to play with your little one, it might also be an enjoyable activity for your older child to read a story during the bath.

Active children may find it useful to consider toys that allow them to move around freely, such as basketball toys. For those of you who are looking for the best bath toys for toddlers, it would be a good idea for you to bring your toddler along with you to the store and even let them participate in some of the shopping so that they will begin to be excited about taking a bath inside the tub.​

Best In the night garden soft toys

Following is the list of best In the night garden soft toys

01. In the Night Garden Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Bubble Train

In the Night Garden Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Bubble Train

This product is inspired by Ninky Nonk, the popular character from the CBeebies program In the Night Garden which is well known throughout the country. Fun and colorful activity train featuring loads of fun stuff that measures over 80cm long!

A combination of chunky wheels, a magic bubble machine, and sturdy plastic construction makes this a great toy for outdoor use whilst the 15 fun activities will keep children busy for hours on end! In addition to the Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Bubble Train, you will also find five colorful carriages that can be connected with each other to create endless playtime and the chunky blocks make it easy for young children to pick up, slide, and swap the carriages around until they have a train all of their own. The Bubble Engine can be used for outdoor play. Simply switch it on, start the train and watch as the bubbles magically appear before your very eyes. There is nothing more fun than chasing bubbles as they float through the air as the little ones would have a ball.


  • This product has a Ninky Nonk Bubble Train,3 figures, bubble liquid solution, and 4 shapes.
  • Ideal for young hands that are busy all the time, the shapes and characters are the perfect sizes to allow young children to grasp and put them in place, making it easier for them to develop a firm grip and develop hand-eye coordination.
  • The total dimensions of this product are 80 x 18 x 27 cm.
  • 3 x AAA Battery Requirements are required for this product.

02. In The Night Garden Snuggly Singing Upsy Daisy

snuggly singing upsy daisy

This is an extremely soft plush that is ideal for cuddling up with. You can hear Upsy Daisy’s special song by gently squeezing her tummy. As in the show, Upsy wears a flower skirt and is brightly colored, just like she is in the show as well. If you are a fan of In the Night Garden or would like to purchase one for yourself, then you’re going to love the Upsy Daisy Talking Soft Toy made of soft textured fabrics that make her incredibly huggable


  • The ideal gift for fans of the popular CBeebies show, In the Night Garden, this Talking Plush Soft Toy comes with a variety of phrases and sounds taken directly from the program.
  • In order to make Upsy Daisy Talking Soft Toy as soft as possible, she is made from the softest textured fabrics, which makes her very huggable!
  • Suitable for children of all ages.
  • Non-Replaceable LR44 (Included) Batteries Required battery is required.

03. In The Night Garden Snuggly Singing Iggle Piggle

Snuggly Singing Iggle Piggle

This Igglepiggle Talking Soft Toy from In the Night Garden is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Designed to appeal to all young fans of the popular CBeebies show In the Night Garden, this soft talking toy includes familiar songs and sounds performed by the characters of the show. Its Soft and textured fabrics make it extremely huggable! As well as embroidered facial details, Igglepiggle carries a red blankie that symbolizes his iconic nature.


  • The perfect gift for all In the Night Garden lovers, this stuffed toy that talks, makes familiar sounds, and features familiar phrases and phrases from the popular Show on CBEEBIES.
  • This Iggle Piggle Talking Soft Toy is made of attractive soft textured fabric, which makes it feel especially nice to hold.
  • Igglepiggle features embroidered facial details and carries a red blankie embroidered with the face of Igglepiggle.
  • Suitable from birth
  • Assembled Dimension of this toy is 8L x 14W x 30H cm
  • Contents: One Large Talking Igglepiggle
  • Batteries Required: 3 x LR44 Batteries (included)

Best In the night garden brand alternative bath toys

Following is the list of best bath toys of In the night garden alternative

01. Yookidoo Flow ‘n’ Fill Spout Bath Toy

Yookidoo Flow ‘n’ Fill Spout Bath Toy

The Yookidoo Flow ‘n Fill Spout bath toy is sure to provide hours of fun in the tub. Featuring a colorful design that will entertain you for hours on end, this colorful bath toy recycles the water in a continuous stream, continuously drawing water from the tub so there will never be a waste of water.

On the water wheel, you can see water gushing out of the spout and spinning on the water wheel. Explore the fun water effects by pouring water through the stacking cups. In addition to introducing little ones to STEM learning, the Yookidoo Flow ‘N Fill Spout bath toy can be used to introduce them to STEM learning.

Your child’s development can be supported through sensory play with bath toys. With sensory toys such as Yookidoo bath toys, children can develop communication skills, motor skills, and the ability to think independently.


  • The 3 bath cups can be stacked to create fun water effects
  • Watch the water magically spin the propeller as it spins
  • It is not necessary to turn on the faucet in order to create a stream of water
  • Swivel arm holds the bath cups for storage and play
  • Easy for kids to operate and simple to attach to the tub
  • Batteries required: 3x AA (not included)

02. Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station Bath Toy

Bring a splash of fun to your bathing experience with the Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station bath toy. This fun bath toy is made for enjoyment and bathtime fun.

There is a magic submarine that recycles a safe stream of water, allowing you to turn the tap off without wasting water. A colorful shower head is installed on the whirlpool. When the jet sprinklers are activated, water starts pouring out of the jet sprinklers and spinning the water wheel. To introduce young scientists to STEM learning, Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station bath toys are a wonderful choice.

Sensory play with bath toys such as this contributes to the development of your child. It is highly recommended that children use sensory toys such as Yookidoo bath toys to support communication, motor skills, and independent thinking.


  • This colorful baby bath toy will make your baby’s bath time a lot of fun
  • Water gauge, spinning propellers, jet sprinklers, and other features
  • Small hands can easily use and grip this product
  • Stimulates the senses of sight and touch of the baby
  • Water can recycle safely without wasting water from the faucet
  • 4x AA batteries (not included) Batteries are required.

03. TOMY Toomies Bubble and Bake Bathtime Kitchen

TOMY Toomies Bubble and Bake Bathtime Kitchen

If you’re looking for a bathtime activity that’s fun and exciting, then check out TOMY Toomies Bubble and Bake Bathtime Kitchen. It should have a splash in the oven and hob, and a working faucet in the sink.

With a ladle, scoop and stir the mixture. When you are done scooping and stirring the mixture, take the pie dish out of the oven and pour the water from the pan back into the dish. If you turn the pan a quarter turn, you will see water running into the oven and sending the pie dish spinning. As soon as you are done with your dishes, empty them in the sink and turn on the faucet to make water flow from it!

It is possible to use the TOMY Toomies Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen as a single unit or as a set of two, which is perfect for bath time play for 2 little ones. There is no need to worry about cleaning the TOMY Toomies Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen after you use it. The drain should be turned on to drain into the bath, and the ladle and pan should be hung up to drip dry.

Sensory Play

Sensory play with bath toys such as this contributes to the development of your child. It is highly recommended that children use sensory toys such as Yookidoo bath toys to support communication, motor skills, and independent thinking.


  • In addition to the oven and hob, there is a sink and a working pump-action faucet in the kitchen.
  • When you turn on the stove and pump the pot, you will see bubbles appearing.
  • If you want to send foam over the top of the bath, just add a bubble bath.
  • I watched the water set the pie dish spinning as it came into contact with it.
  • Installation is made easier with suction pads.
  • The water should always be drained after use and allowed to air dry.
  • The dimensions of this product are 28L x 15W x 21 Hcm.

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