6 Best Wooden clothes rail in the UK 2022

Wooden clothes rails have evolved from purely functional items to beautiful wooden furniture, allowing you to store your clothes in an organized and colorful way. Furthermore, Wooden clothes rails have become commonplace in the fashion retail sector and homes since their sturdy construction can make them versatile and easily re-positioned. There is no doubt that Wooden clothes rail is a stylish addition to any home, especially if you prefer a minimalist or industrial look. Combined with a cost considerably lower than a traditional wardrobe, they provide practicality, style, and convenience.


Types of clothes rail

You may be asking yourself, “How do I choose the best clothes rail?” To answer that question, let us examine the critical types of clothes rails available on the market and what you should look for when shopping.

01. Heavy Duty Clothes Rails

All market sectors show a trend toward commercial and domestic clothes rails. It comes with a higher weight capacity, so you can stack the rack with them, although the weight capacity can vary widely between rails, so make sure you choose certified ones for weight capacity to avoid damage.

02. Two-tiered Clothing Rails

A 2 tier Wooden clothes rail can store a lot of clothing very practically, offering more flexibility. There is often an adjustable center bar on shirts and dresses. Ensure these rails can support the weight they claim; it’s best to check their certification.

03. Industrial Clothes Rails

The industrial-style clothes rails have a sturdy construction and can support heavier clothes. In most cases, galvanized steel is used, and each rail is unique in its design. In most cases, steel is durable, making them scratchproof.

04. Extendable Clothes Rails

Some clothes rails are extendible and come with extension bars to allow you to increase the height of the clothes rail while it is freestanding. Additionally, extension bars can be added or removed as needed so that you can accommodate differing clothing lengths, making them a popular choice for bridal shops, where dresses come in a variety of sizes.

05. Fishtail Clothes Rails

They are equipped with fishtail-style feet, which gives them a unique appearance. They do not come with wheels or casters on this clothes storage rail; however, the extra-wide design provides more stability. Different fishtail rails have various weight capacities, so it is essential to consider these when buying.

06. Reinforced Clothes Rails

Choosing this kind of rail is the best option if you have a lot of coats to store or if you have too many clothes in your closet. In that case, you might benefit from a super heavy-duty clothes rail or a reinforced clothes rail. Retail trolleys have become very popular because of their higher weight capacity.

07. Clothes Rails with Shelves

If you want to store shoes, bags, or folded clothing on a clothes rack, you may want to consider a clothes rack with shelves integrated. It might be better to choose clothe-rack with shelves combined rather than a simple clothes rail in this case. The style of these chairs is perfect for various settings, from boutiques to bedrooms. It is not uncommon to find these products combining metal and wood.


Wooden clothes rail buying guide

Still wondering, “What is the best way to choose a clothes rail?” If so, here are a few key factors to keep in mind.

01. Weight

When purchasing a clothes rail, consider the weight of the clothes you plan to keep. There is a wide range of weight capacities for clothes rails, and not all of the consequences you will see advertised have been weight tested to hold the weight they advertise. You must look for weight certification since this will give you the peace of mind that your rail will stand the test of time.

02. Style

There are various available styles, such as vintage, modern, and traditional. The type of the rails must blend seamlessly with the theming and decor of your store or home.

03. Width

There is a range of widths available for freestanding rails, ranging from 2 feet to 6 feet, which allows them to fit into even the smallest of spaces. You can also use this rail as part of an alcove with a railing system. However, it is important to measure carefully and check the specifications of the alcove. Walk-in closets can appear coordinated by using a variety of width railings.

04. Locking design

If you are looking to secure your railings, then you usually have two options to choose from; nuts and bolts or a click-lock system. The click-lock system is sometimes called a push pin system. It is simple and doesn’t require tools. Additionally, it doesn’t accumulate damage from repeated reassembly, making it a perfect choice for those looking to store their rail away and those looking to transport it regularly. Even though nuts and bolts are practical for railings, assembly is complicated, and the components weaken as they are put together and disassembled repeatedly.

05. Materials

Floor standing rails are manufactured from a variety of materials. Be sure to look for good quality wood or industrial grade lumber if you want to ensure that your railing will be able to support heavy clothing.

06. Wheels

If you frequently move your clothes rack, you should consider a model that has wheels. These will make moving it effortless. The weight hanging on the rail will affect the wheels because weight and rail cause them to compress. So, if you are planning to store a lot of stuff on it, you should choose a rail with heavy-duty wheels.

07. Final Finish

Clothing rails will eventually show some general signs of wear and tear due to the amount of movement and reorganization daily. If you desire scratch-proof clothes are hanging rails, you should choose rails coated with epoxy coatings. Epoxy coatings are much harder than paint or glossy coatings.


List of wooden clothes rail 

Following are the best wooden clothes rail (white wooden clothes rail)

01. 66cm Wide Wooden clothes rail – 

This Wooden clothes rail is handy storage open for clothes, shoes, and more. Besides freeing up more space in your wardrobe, it also allows you to make more effective use of the empty corners in your home. The two shelves and clothes rail ensure more than enough space for clothes and other accessories. Thanks to four side hooks, there is additional space for scarves, handbags, and more! It is the perfect size for setting up so many possibilities. The same goes for storing seasonal clothing in your basement, dressing room, or bedroom. The clothes rail can carry weights up to 15kg. The entire structure complies with scientific design. Even with unequal weight distribution, it will not fall over.


  • Clothes rail: Ideal for hanging your dresses and other accessories to save space
  • With two shelves
  • Four hooks

02. Sabastian 120cm Wide Clothes Storage System

Sabastian 120cm Wide Clothes Storage System is a mobile open wardrobe. It is an ideal solution for your clothes storage. The three-tier cube in the center and the two hanging rails on either side are designed to keep your clothes neatly organized. It can move around on six wheels, where two can be locked for stability if required. Its modern styling is a great item to match any room decor in your home.


  • 3 Shelf/Shelves
  • 2 Closet Rod(s)/ Clothes Rail(s)
  • Shelves Included: Yes
  • Drawers Included: No

Following are the best children’s wooden clothes rails.

03. Finnhomy Bamboo Clothes Rack- 

Do you need a place to hang your clothes, dry your shoes, or store your bags? The freestanding Wooden clothes rail rack with two height-adjustable shelves and a sturdy bamboo rod will stand up to any home environment. It is easy to put together, sturdy and has a great look. It would be perfect for your bedroom, laundry room, or entrance hall. With Linn’s new clothing racks, you can store, air, and decoratively dry your clothes. This product makes it easier than ever to take your laundry outside instead of keeping it in your closet. Its stylish design is also highly functional. The Linn wardrobe rack can be used as a drying rack, an airing rack, a storage rack, or simply decorating a room.


  • Made from sturdy bamboo rods to hang clothes, air them, or dry them.
  • The two bar ends are ideal for hanging hats, bags, and other small items.
  • This unit features two height-adjustable shelves that can use to store clothing, shoes, and other items, as well as dry laundry.
  • Space saver – nimble rack, hung up to 16 hanging and folded items.
  • Minimal space, maximum storage 

04. Chmura 54Cm Clothes Racks

The Chmura 54Cm Wooden clothes rail is recommended for displaying clothing items in bedrooms and offices, dressing rooms, and retail outlets. Easy to assemble, can be completely dismantled for easy storage when not in use, and is quick to put together.


  • 1 Hanging rack has plenty of space for clothes
  • The base has room to store shoes, boxes, and other items.
  • Made from strong white powder-coated metal with wooden rails.

Following are the best wooden wall-mounted clothes rail.

05. Alyson Wall Mounted Coat Rack

The Alyson Wall Mounted Coat Rack transforms the blank wall into a handy storage area where you can keep all of your coats, bags, umbrellas, and keys tidily stored and easily accessible.


  • Frame Material: Manufactured Wood; Steel
  • Number of Hooks: 5
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes

06. Portland 60cm Wall Mounted Towel Rail 

The rustic charm of the collection is evident in the rustic design of the towel rail. It is an excellent way of preventing towels from being scattered around the house. Linens can also be integrated into a room’s overall decor through the elegant white wood design. ‘Out of the box, that brand new finish is moisture resistant and easy to maintain.


  • Wipe clean
  • Concealed fixings
  • FSC and Rainforest Alliance approved
  • All fixings included

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