4 Best Remote control electric fireplaces in the UK 2022

A number of advantages are associated with remote electric fireplaces, as opposed to gas and wood fireplaces. In order for them to work, you do not have to chop wood, clean chimneys, or spend a lot of money on installation.

Remote Electric fireplaces are known for their many advantages, including being affordable, clean, safe, and easy to install without additional permits.

Households and office workers often prefer remote electric fireplaces because of their placement flexibility. Compared to other types of fireplace, the remote-controlled fireplace has a lot of differences. Unlike an electric fireplace, a gas fireplace burns conventional fuels, such as gas or coal. The only thing you need to operate an electric fireplace is a standard electrical outlet. The purpose of this article is to guide you in choosing the best remote control electric fireplaces.

Remote electric fireplaces Buying guide

Following are the points that you should take care of before buying a remote electric fireplace.

  1. Area of Installation– You should have a clear measurement of the place where you will be installing your electric fireplace. Before you purchase an electric fire, take a proper measurement of the place of your house, where you will be placing it. In addition, you all have to keep in mind whether you are going to place it indoors or outdoors.
  2. Flame– We all know that electric fire creates an esatics replica of flame. Therefore, before you purchase an inset electric fire remote control, check the quality of flame, whether it is creating a real-looking flame or not.
  3. Budget– Perhaps it is one of the important points you should keep in mind before buying an electric fire replacement remote control. There are numerous ranges of electric fireplaces available in the market. You have to select the one that meets your criteria and also comes under your budget.
  4. Design– It is also an important point, you should buy electric fire by considering whether it will suit your interior or not.

Best remote controlled electric fire

Following is the list of the best remote controlled electric fire

1. Mathilde Electric Fire Suite –

With a combination of an MDF surround and a remote electric fire unit, it offers a realistic flame effect. This product provides a striking appearance. There are different flame effects available in this product along with a variety of settings you can choose from regarding the brightness or intensity of the fire. The LED technology of this fireplace reduces the operational cost of this product – Claimed by the Company.

This product will cost less than £4 per year if it is used for five hours a day. With the mood lighting, the user has the option of selecting from 13 different stationary colors – as well as a more dynamic option that cycles the colors slowly. The product is attached to a wireless digital remote control with an LCD display.

It features a seven days programmable calendar, room-temperature sensor, automatic window detection, as well as adaptive start control. Furthermore, depending on the room temperature, the heater automatically switches from 1 to 2kW and sets the required temperature. In order to comply with the requirements of the Eco Design 2018 (Lot 20), this product is designed and manufactured in order to achieve the best possible energy efficiency.


  • Digital remote control with an LCD screen is available in this product.
  • Assembly and installation are very easy.
  • It costs about £4 per year if it is used five hours a day.
  • Installation of this product is easy and very convenient.
  • The product is energy efficient.
  • In order to maintain the required temperature in the room, the heater automatically switches between 1 and 2kW depending on the temperature of the room.
  • As some online reviews claim, the actual look of this product is not as good as it appears in the picture.
  • This product has been criticized by some customers due to its flame effect.

2. Nickolas Wall Mounted Electric Fire Suite

This fireplace can be easily installed by using wall brackets supplied. The heater has a down-facing outlet, it results in you can mount the TV above it and it will not cause any disturbance. However, there are no sockets on the backside of the heater. Approximately 13 light options are available for this particular electric fire, both below the manual and for the area of the fuelled. Moreover, in this shelving unit, there is no risk of it getting too hot, so it’s safe to put electronics or any other devices (i.e., TV box).

To reset the LED light on the remote controller, press the mood lighting button and then press the + button at the same time. To form a right angle after assembling the MDF piece, it is necessary to fold the metal brackets out of the way. On top of the fire unit, you can slide the plinth piece and screw it in.


  1. This product comes with digital remote control that has an LCD screen on it.
  2. It is very easy to install.
  3. If it is being used five hours per day, it will cost less than £4 per year.
  4. The thickness of base plinth: 60mm
  • There is no risk of overheating in this shelving unit, so any electronic devices or any other devices can be stored on it without concern.
  • The fireplace is more energy efficient when compared to other fireplaces.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • After looking at the features, pros, and reviews of the product it can be said that the product is free from any kind of cons.

3. Symple Stuff Electric Fire Suite

If you are looking for a stylish addition to your living room this winter, this electric fireplace with a remote is just what you need. It comes with remote control and all the mounting accessories you will need to install it. You can control the temperature of the room using the thermostat. Moreover, the log flame effect creates a cozy and warm feeling in the room. As soon as the LED is turned on, the flame will appear, and this can even be used alone. Furthermore, the intensity of the flame can be adjusted to three different levels. The heating feature can be used without displaying flame flames.


  1. Taking care of the environment, reducing smoke emissions is of utmost importance.
  2. Embedded installation in the wall.
  3. It will save you a lot of energy.
  •  The temperature in the room can be controlled with the use of the thermostat.
  • There is a decrease in energy consumption.
  • The flames have a realistic appearance.
  • There have been some complaints from customers regarding the durability of the product.
  • There are some online reviews that claim that the product is not as stylish as it appears in the pictures.

4.  Jaycee Wall Mounted Electric Fire

Having a remote control electric fire can be a great way to save you money on cold winter days and to keep you warm as well. With this electric fireplace, you can rest assured that your home is smoke-free, while also saving energy. Also, you won’t need to worry about the energy bills while you sit on the sofa and enjoy the warm glow. With an overheat protection feature along with a tempered glass surface that keeps the casing cool to the touch, this smart device is extremely safe.


  • You can set the program to automatically turn on on a specific day or multiple days within a week. This can reach a maximum of 23 hours and 50 minutes.
  • When the unit is turned on, the LED display will always show the current temperature.
  • To ensure the best possible heat ventilation, this item must be placed at least 1000mm away from ceilings and other objects.
  • Easy to use and also easy to install
  • Create an illusion of real fire.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • Looking at the features and the benefits of the product it can be said that the product is free from any kind of cons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the answers to some questions that are asked by the consumers frequently

Is the flame real?

The flame that you see is actually made up of LED lights, rather than a live flame, but it looks very real nonetheless.

Electric fireplaces have no flame effect because LED lights and a mirror that reflects and rolls the light create the illusion of flame. LED lights have a long-serving life of 50,000 hours, which makes these lights much more energy-efficient and do not need to be replaced too often due to their long longevity.

Moreover, if you are interested in a more contemporary look, you can even choose fireplaces that will change the color of the flame according to the decor, the season, or whatever else you prefer

Do electric fireplaces produce heat?

Basically, the short answer to this question is that electric fireplaces do produce heat.

Nevertheless, there are a number of variations. It is not uncommon to find electric fireplaces that have on-demand heat, meaning that the flames can be used with or without heat at any time.

Due to the fact that electric fireplaces come with the option of having flames without the heat (flame) used in traditional fireplaces, these are an excellent choice in sunny climates or during warm seasons. No matter the season, you can enjoy a fireplace’s ambiance without feeling uncomfortable.

The majority of the electric fireplaces with on-demand heat have several settings for the temperature, depending on whether it is high, medium, or low. There are a number of fireplaces that come with a built-in thermostat that will maintain a predetermined temperature set in the room.

How much space do electric fireplaces heat?

A fireplace equipped with an electric heater can heat up to 400 square feet, depending on the type of heater that is used. Most electric fireplaces are capable of heating 400 ft. to 1000 sq. ft. 

For zone heating, electric fireplaces are the perfect solution. An electrical fireplace should be strategically placed so that you can remain warm and cozy while keeping your heating costs as low as possible.

Can you install electric fireplaces outside?

In fact, fireplaces are quite popular when it comes to the place in outdoor patios and bathrooms as well as kitchens.

What are the electrical requirements?

Electric fireplaces can usually be plugged directly into household outlets. However, you have to make sure that the circuit breaker or fuse for this outlet is dedicated.

When we say that a circuit breaker is dedicated, we mean that it is not shared with any other outlets or lighting fixtures and that it is dedicated to serving only one outlet.

Electric fireplaces can cause a safety hazard if plugged into an electrical outlet that has only one circuit breaker or fuse, as they may overload the circuit, trip the circuit breaker, and cause an electrical fire.

How do electric fireplaces work?

Electric fireplaces are made with LED lights that project a pattern similar to that of a flame onto a screen.

There are models which only have one line of LED lights at the bottom, while others have 2 or more LED strips for the purpose of adding depth, color variations, and realism to flame color options.

You can turn off the heater on electric fireplaces and still enjoy the flames all year since they have a built-in heater that works independently from the flame.

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