10 Best Living room storage ideas for small spaces in the UK 2022

The living room is the focal point of most homes, and it is where residents spend the majority of their time. Your living room sets the tone for the entire house, so it’s important for it to feel warm and inviting. The options for making a compact room look more spacious are practically limitless. Room design is as simple as arranging furniture in the appropriate configuration, picking out the right finishes, and voile! The ideal family room is, thus, within grasp. In the process of designing a small room, you’ll need to think of ways to store your belongings. Expert advice and our Best Living room storage ideas for small spaces can help you decide between custom built-ins and freestanding pieces.

List of some of the best Living room storage ideas for small spaces

Living room storage ideas

Long periods of time are spent in the living area where we unwind, host guests, and socialise. To make the most of your living room space, you will need to come up with some ingenious and well-planned compact storage ideas. When you have a plan, it’s simple to downsize your home and increase your storage capacity.

01. Invest in a multipurpose furniture-

Multi purpose furniture

A great way to clutter your living room is to use multipurpose furniture. It’s also best to keep compact and small living rooms well organised! Your living room can become a nook for storing books and decor with the addition of a cube shelf. Use stack able chairs, fold-out tables, and round centre table stack able side tables to provide guest seating. To keep them clean, you can store pillows and blankets in ottomans in your living room.

2. Utilise the alcoves-

Take advantage of your living room’s alcoves if you have any. Use every space to the fullest extent possible by incorporating bespoke storage in recesses. Often overlooked, alcoves and awkward corners can serve as excellent storage spaces, even though they are the most difficult to use. The apex can be fitted with furniture to create a floor to ceiling storage to maximise the space in your room.

3. Enhance the look of your storage by placing mirrors behind it-

Apartment living room storage can be made to appear less bulky with this clever living room mirror trick. In addition to creating a brighter atmosphere in the room, the mirrors behind the shelves reflect the displays on the shelves beautifully and enlarge and brighten the alcoves.

4. Seating and storage can be combined-

Most living room space is consumed by seating. You can create intelligent, practical, multipurpose designs for small living rooms by combining seating pieces with innovative storage elements. Alternatively, you can choose a sofa with storage units and drawers. Make your seating arrangements as intimate as possible. Your main living room creates a sense of intimacy, warmth, and love.

5. Vintage trunks can be used as coffee tables –

If you already have items, you can repurposed them to create extra storage. The trunk makes a sturdy table for balancing several books and other items in the living room. Still, it also provides plenty of storage for extra items.

6. Use vertical spaces-

Tight quarters require inventive storage solutions, such as behind-the-door storage. You can make the most of those precious square feet by storing small items, especially those that would obviously clutter up the room otherwise.

7.  Floating shelves and wall racks can be installed-

One of the most versatile ways to store items in your home is by using wall racks and floating shelves. They can also be served as artistic displays on open walls, creating beautiful visual variety on your nightstands, dressers, and desks. You can organise your bedroom books with colour-coded shelves or your kitchen with shelves by storing ceramic vessels, pestles, mortars, and more.

8. A storage bench can be added-

Small living rooms are plagued with clutter from remote controls, toys, and tech. Thus adding a storage bench is a godsend. Kids’ toys, everyday items, and everything else can be stored in small seating nooks accessible to them.

9. Make sure your display is colour coordinated-

Small living rooms can be transformed with clever living room paint ideas. They will recede back into the wall by painting shelves the same colour as the wall behind them. Organise similar small items in categories when decorating small spaces to prevent the shelves from looking crowded. Display only items that you find appealing.

10.  Invest in a chic sideboard –

With sideboards in the living room, you can permanently hide clutter while curating some cute decor on its top. In the cabinet, you can hide a thousand wires and old magazines along with an endless collection of board games that no one can see as they will appear so elegant and sophisticated from the outside.

Tips for small living room storage ideas

  • To make a living room look unobtrusive, consider painting the shelves the same colour as the walls.
  • When measuring up for storage, remember to include skirting boards.
  • You don’t have to use the same brand of storage furniture, but maintain consistency in wood colour and finish.
  • If you anticipate that your storage needs will grow in the future, consider a modular system.
  • Avoid tipping over furniture by storing heavy items low down or choosing a piece that can be easily wall-mounted

To make the right choice, you must be careful. Whenever you can, make your choice multi functional. You should always choose minimalist and sensible Living room storage ideas for small spaces. You can use all the architectural angles to your advantage by filling them with furniture that serves multiple purposes. It’s always a good idea to vary your decor, but don’t go overboard and make your area too crowded where you can’t move around. It’s great to have aesthetics, but utility comes first.

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