5 Best Inset Wall Mounted Electric Fire with Remote Control in UK 2022

Inset Electric fire are increasing in popularity in homes and offices because of their flexibility in placement. In comparison to other types of fireplaces, electric fireplaces differ greatly. Electric fireplaces don’t use conventional fuels, such as gas or coal, to power fires, unlike gas fireplaces. Electric fireplaces require only an electrical outlet to operate. As electric fireplaces become more popular, more options become available to consumers. Today, electric fireplaces are often installed as furniture in modern homes.


Inset electric fires buying guide

Following are the points that you should consider before you an Inset electric fire.

Style– As far as inset wall mounted electric fires are concerned, there is a wide range of different types of electric fireplaces available in the market. However, these fireplaces’ are primarily categorized into six main categories. To determine the style you should have for your home, you need to think about your personal preferences and available space in your home.

Flame technology: In terms of electric flame technologies, there are various options available to you, which you should consider when choosing an electric fireplace. Additionally, you should also consider your budget while purchasing. Depending on your needs, you can choose a spectacular three-dimensional flame effect. Optiflame 3D is a new 3D effect designed to add depth and customization to flickering flames based on our desired solutions, the latter being a more cost-effective solution.

Fuel bed: You also need to pay attention to the fuel bed of your chosen fire, as this is another design factor to consider. It’s easy to create a traditional look with a glowing log or coal bed, and you can also add pebbles or crystals to your new Firebox to give it a real. Typically, fires come with a fuel bed that matches the type of fire you wish to create – for example, most stoves use log fuel beds since this is what you would use to light a stove in the real world. However, sure fires will provide you with the option of a choice of fuel bed to offer you a more comprehensive selection. 


List of best Inset wall mounted electric fires

Following are the best inset electric fires.

This product uses LED technology to reduce energy consumption dramatically. This LED flame is more realistic, brighter, and customizable. It also offers five brightness levels. You can also control the flame with remote control. You will find a beautiful log set and a crystal ember bed in the package. This electric fireplace insert heater comes in some styles; Recessed, Freestanding, depending on your preference. Specifically, the front panel is made from a glass display panel. Electric fireplaces with a thermostat can control room temperatures between 17°C and 28°C. It includes a timer set between 1H to 8H; it can provide supplemental heat for up to 37 m3 of space. Furthermore, it has a cut-off safety feature to protect against overheating. 

  • It offers 9 color options 
  • The LED screen is more realistic.
  • It is equipped with five levels of brightness adjustment.
  • Affordable price for any middle-class people
  • Customer reviews of the product show it does not have any negative aspects that can affect its usage.


  • Color- Black
  • Overall Dimensions of the product- 102cm x 43cm x 14cm
  • Timer Range- 0H to 8H
  • The temperature ranges from 17 °C to 28 °C in the Adjustable Temperature Setting
  • Heater: 900W and 1800W fan heater
  • Featured with remote control and touch screen panel
  • It has 9 flame colors available
  • 5 Flame Color Intensities
  • You can choose from two types of ember beds: Faux log set and crystal stones (included)
  • Overheat protection device with a safety cut-off device

Includes remote control, timer, and thermostat, making it a perfect supplemental heater for any small room. There are two heat options available, either 900w or 1800w, providing optimal warmth while keeping the exterior cool. This fire pit features a realistic LED flame effect and realistic burning logs that are adjustable in brightness to provide a natural fire pit effect without the heat. As soon as an overheated unit is detected, the THERMAL SAFETY SWITCH shuts it off, ensuring your safety. It features a class-leading design, comes pre-assembled, requires no assembly or installation, and is plug-and-play convenient.

  • The unit comes with a remote, a timer, and an electronic thermostat.
  •  The THERMAL SAFETY SWITCH shuts it off as an overheated unit is detected.
  • Affordable.
  • Some online reviews have claimed that the product doesn’t last for long.
  • Not premium.


  • Brand – Jarka Co
  • Colour – Black
  • Material – Metal
  • Item dimensions L x W x H – 81 x 17 x 55.4 centimeters
  • Style – Contemporary
  • Item weight – 14.67 Kilograms
  • Installation type – Freestanding

This inset electric fireplace is a glowing wall-mounted electric fireplace. It has 1000 or 2000 Watts, giving you the feel of a bright fire. Its built-in fan heater creates a romantic atmosphere in any living room. It is a stylish electric fireplace with a 2000W power capacity and a built-in fan heater making it a perfect addition to your living room. Whenever the appliance is turned on, gleaming flames fill the room with light. With the help of the dimmer switch, you can adjust the lamp’s brightness to suit your needs. By opting for the switchable 1000 watt or 2000 watt heater, Klarstein’s simple fire surrounded by electric fire gives you instant warmth, a feeling of warmth that spreads almost immediately, creating a relaxing ambiance immediately. With its impressive flame effect, the inset electric fire brings life to any room with its display of blazing logs. It can be operated separately from the fan heater, but its adjustable dimming function makes it possible to create a more decadent ambiance.

  • The LED screen is more realistic.
  • It is equipped with five levels of brightness adjustment.
  • Affordable price for any middle-class people.
  • No cons were found as per user reviews.

Features remote control, timer, and thermostat control for supplementing the heat in any small room up to 37m2. There are two heat options available: 900W or 1800W, with fan-assisted heat that provides optimum warmth while the outer surfaces remain cool to the touch. Furthermore, this inset electric stove comes with burning logs that look like real wood and an adjustable brightness setting that gives the impression of a real wood fire. When the unit overheats, the unit will automatically shut off to ensure your safety.

  • The unit comes with a remote, a timer, and an electronic thermostat.
  •  The THERMAL SAFETY SWITCH shuts it off as an overheated unit is detected.
  • Affordable price.
  • Users’ online reviews indicate that the product does not last long.


  • Brand – Jarka Co
  • Colour – Black
  • Material – Metal
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H – 71 x 17 x 55.4 centimeters
  • Style – Contemporary
  • Item weight – 7.3 Kilograms
  • Installation type – Freestanding

A powerful fan propels warm air through the flame, and the face of the fireplace remains cool when closed. With or without heat, the fireplace can provide changing LED fire effects. Moreover, this inset electric fire also features a flame speed, brightness adjustment, and timer control. This fireplace ensures that you’re always comfortable no matter where you are in the house. It automatically shuts off on overheating, ensuring your family’s safety. Neither inserts nor wall mounting is recommended. It can install freestanding indoors. 

  • No matter where you are in the house, you will feel comfortable with this fireplace.
  • No matter where you are in the house, you will feel comfortable with this fireplace.
  • Affordable for any household.
  • Not very stylish.
  • The heater is NOT suitable for inserts or mounting in walls. It can be installed freestanding for indoor use.


  • Brand- C-Hopetree
  • Colour- Black
  • Material – Glass, Aluminium, Metal
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H – 55 x 13.5 x 40 centimetres
  • Installation type – Freestanding, Wall Mount

Frequently asked questions

Following are the answer to some frequently asked questions about inset electric fires.

Are inset electric fires noisy?

Ans- The use of nset wall mounted electric fires is a popular choice in homes of the 21st century. Besides being able to provide a quick source of heat, they can also be used for aesthetic reasons as well. There is no doubt that electric fireplaces have the most realistic flames available since they use gas logs that are embedded with LED lights.

Please be aware that some inset electric fires remote control models may not be completely silent and may make some noise when in use. If you want to find out whether your model is noisy or quiet, you should first look at the product description, since the description lists all the features, including the ones related to the volume; by doing this, you would save a lot of time and effort.

How do inset electric fires work?

If you have a chimney cap, put it on first. Install a cover plate on your chimney if you intend to install an electric insert in it. It will prevent water from getting in.

Make sure the damper is closed and sealed.

  1. Add a power outlet to your home.
  2. The Firebox needs to be inserted into the fireplace.
  3. Put the trim on the frame or attach the frame to the trim.

What does inset electric fire mean?

Ans- Inset Electric fireplaces installed within the wall, often called recessed electric fireplaces, require a hole to be drilled into the wall to fit. They can be either a conventional fireplace cavity or a specially shaped cavity. As a result, this fireplace has a highly sleek look, and the cables and wiring located inside the cavity of the fireplace are hidden.

How do electric fireplace inserts work?

Ans- Electric fireplaces use cool air drawn into the fire and heated by a coil within. Using a fan gently forces the warmed air back into the room.

Final Words

Now you have a detailed list of the Best Inset Wall Mounted Electric Fire with Remote Control. By giving you all the information you need, we want to help you save as much money as possible. 

The M.C.Haus Electric Fireplace looks like a traditional wood stove and is an excellent choice, especially when it comes to wall-mounted heaters. This heater maintains a nice temperature in smaller rooms and has a realistic flame effect. When it comes to an electric stove that can be customized to your liking, try the Jarka&Co Portable Freestanding Indoor Space Heater. I hope this post on Best Inset Electric Fireplace will be helpful for you. Hopefully, the above buying guide helped you decide what inset electric fireplace to buy.

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