5 Best Hybrid Mattresses for Heavy Person in The UK 2023

A hybrid mattress is generally considered the best of both worlds because it combines memory foam and pocket springs into an ultimate sleeping surface. When it comes to picking the right mattress for a heavy person, it’s safe to say that you should study their components and layers of different materials to deliver the best sleeping experience. My team of sleep experts have done just that and have handpicked and compiled a list of the best hybrid mattresses for heavy people in the UK. These mattresses combine the best of both worlds, with layers of foam, latex, or gel on top of an innerspring system to provide both support and pressure relief. We have compiled this list after long and thorough market research, product testing, analysing layer material, firmness, motion isolation and value for the money.

List of The Best Hybrid Mattresses for Heavy Person in The UK

Inofia 4FT Small Double Folding Mattresses are heavyweight UK mattresses. This hybrid mattress is ideal for comfort and convenience. Let’s examine its key features and how they improve sleep.

Its portability distinguishes the Inofia Folding Mattress. This mattress unfolds in seconds, making it ideal for many situations. This tri-fold mattress is ideal for unexpected guests, camping, yoga, dorms, and travel. Its clever design allows for neat storage after use. It folds to 63 x 120 x 45cm and extends to 190 x 120 x 15cm.

Due to its 6-inch memory foam, this tri-fold guest mattress is medium-firm. This helps heavy people sleep and sit. Dual memory foam layers support and absorb motion for a restful night.

The Inofia Folding Mattress’ removable bamboo charcoal cover is unique. This cover is soft and absorbs odours and moisture. Maintain freshness by zipping off and washing the cover. The mattress’s non-slip bottom secures the memory foam layers for a comfortable sleep.

Inofia Folding Mattress prioritizes safety. CertiPUR-US memory foam ensures safety. The mattress is made to last.

The Inofia tri-fold guest mattress assembles easily. It expands in 72 hours after being compressed, rolled, and delivered. The 100-night risk-free trial provides convenience and confidence. The manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction gives you the confidence to buy.

The Inofia 4FT Small Double Folding Mattress is the best UK hybrid mattress for heavy people. It’s portable, comfortable, safe, and easy to set up. This mattress suits unexpected guests, dormitories, travel, and leisure.


Sizes available: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Type: Memory Foam, Trial: 100-night trial

  • Quick setup for guests travel or storage (190 x 120 x 15cm unfolded).
  • 6-inch medium-firm foam contours absorb motion for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Absorbs odours, and moisture; easy to wash.
  • Secures layers and ensures stable comfort.
  • Chemical-free, safe memory foam.
  • 72-hour expansion, 100-night trial.


  • Convenient and Portable.
  • Comfortable Body Conforming.
  • Hygienic and Fresh.
  • Secure Sleep Surface.
  • Safety Assured.
  • Hassle-Free Setup.


  • Limited Firmness Options.
  • Initial Off-Gassing.
  • Thickness Preference.

Vesgantti’s Box Top Collection 4FT Small Double Mattress may be the UK’s best hybrid mattress for heavy people. This 11-inch pocket sprung mattress has many features for optimal rest and support.

Cashmere Fabric covers the 28cm Box Top Mattress. 2.5cm Egg-Shaped Foam adds luxury and function—the body-conforming foam massages pressure points. Superior airflow and noise absorption keep you cool and comfortable.

The ideal medium-firm Vesgantti Small Double Mattress. This clever design uses CertiPUR-US foam and hundreds of pocketed springs. The result? Heavy-duty mattress. Side, back, and stomach sleepers enjoy this hybrid mattress.

Innovative 9-Zone Mattresses help sleep. This mattress has nine ergonomic zones for spinal alignment and full-body relief. Pressure points are gently supported. Memory foam and spring support make a great bed.

Vesgantti installs Mattress-in-a-Boxes. The “easy-to-manage” box simplifies mattress transport and placement. After unpacking, the mattress inflates in 10 seconds but takes 72 hours to expand fully.

Vesgantti generously offers a 100-night adjustment trial. This helps your body adjust to a new mattress. Relish the difference. Test the Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress.


Sizes available: Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, Type: Memory Foam, Trial: 100-night trial

  • Egg-Shaped Foam, Cashmere Fabric.
  • CertiPUR-US foam, pocket spring support.
  • Alignment, relief.
  • Easy delivery, 10-second inflation.
  • Extended adjustment.


  • Pressure-relieving foam and cashmere cover.
  • Foam and pocket springs.
  • Comfortable 9-Zone Design.
  • Mattress-in-a-Box delivery.
  • 100-night trial.


  • Heavy people need to adjust.
  • Short-term off-gassing.
  • 72-hour size.

The Novilla 3FT Single Mattress is the UK’s best heavy-person hybrid mattress. Pocket sprung, and CertiPUR-US foam make this mattress comfortable. Let’s examine this mattress’s details to see why it’s a comfort and support game-changer.

Novilla’s Basic Spring Mattress combines both. Pocket-sprung middle layers are durable and responsive. It supports any sleep position. The top and bottom comfort layers cushion the springs’ quick motion, cradling your body.

For night sweats, the soft, breathable knitted fabric wicks moisture. Mattress foam is OEKO-TEX and CertiPUR-US. Sleeping safely and comfortably is ideal. The pocket-sprung Novilla hybrid mattress shines. Single-wrapped springs work well. For a productive day, your partner’s movements won’t wake you up.

Novilla mattresses work everywhere. It fits most bed frames. Its hybrid design supports guest rooms and sofa beds. Novilla’s return was always challenging. This mattress-in-a-box is small. Unboxing expands. Novilla suggests sleeping upstairs.

The Novilla 3FT Single Mattress is an excellent hybrid for heavy people who want support, comfort, and safety. Its pocket-sprung design and certified foam ensure you wake up refreshed and ready to go. Novilla’s mattress is perfect for your primary bed or guest room.


Sizes available: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, Type: Foam, Gel Memory Foam, Memory Foam, Gel Foam, Trial: Not Available

  • Durable springs provide bounce and body contouring for all sleep positions.
  • Certified foam and breathable fabric ensure healthy sleep.
  • Individual springs minimize partner disturbance.
  • Fits various bed frames, suitable for primary and guest rooms.
  • Mattress-in-a-box design for easy transport and quick expansion.


  • The hybrid design offers both comfort and support.
  • Springs adapt to movements, reducing pressure.
  • Breathable materials benefit sensitive skin and sweat issues.
  • Isolated springs prevent motion transfer.
  • It fits different beds, suitable for various scenarios.


  • Temporary off-gassing upon unboxing dissipates shortly.
  • It takes 48-72 hours to fully expand after unboxing.
  • It may not suit extreme plush or firm preferences.

 The best UK hybrid mattress for heavy people is the Good Nite Double Mattress Memory Foam 4.3Inch Deep with Breathable Knitted Removable Cover (135 x 190 x 11cm). This mattress’s comfort and wellness features make it ideal for a good night’s sleep.

This knitted protector mattress has memory foam, a soft sponge, and a hard sponge. High-quality materials prevent fire, allow breathability, and are eco-friendly. This mattress meets SGS performance standards to promote healthy sleep.

This mattress’s premium ergonomics align your spine and reduce pressure: soft memory foam and high-density hard foam balance firmness. Memory foam relieves pressure and promotes sleep. The rigid foam layer evenly distributes pressure regardless of sleeping position, preventing back pain.

The Good Nite mattress’s breathable, easy-to-unpick knitted cover is notable. The dust and stain-resistant mattress lasts longer. Families with kids and pets will appreciate its removable, washable cover. The knitted material keeps you fantastic all night. A micro air chamber between your skin and the 3D fabric promotes clean sleep.

Baleine’s 45-day warranty covers this remarkable mattress. After-sales service shows customer satisfaction. Their 24/7 customer support team handles quality issues.

The Good Nite Double Mattress is a UK firesafe. The natural, sanitary, and respectful design makes the mattress safe for sensitive skin. SANITIZED makes a cozy, clean environment, anti-allergic and anti-mite.


Sizes available: Small Double, Double, King Type: Memory Foam, Trial: Not Available

  • Three-layered foam: Memory, hard sponge, soft sponge
  • High-quality, eco-friendly materials with fire prevention
  • The ergonomic design aligns the spine, relieves pressure
  • The breathable knitted cover protects, easy to clean
  • SANITIZED treatment for hygiene, anti-allergic, anti-mite
  • 3D fabric enhances air circulation
  • Meets UK fire safety standards
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Optimal comfort and support 
  • Premium materials ensure safety and comfort
  • Breathable cover maintains freshness
  • Hygienic and allergen-free sleep environment
  • Easy-to-clean cover prolongs mattress life
  • Assurance with a money-back guarantee


  • The potentially higher price point
  • Firmness may not suit all preferences
  • A thick profile might not fit all bed frames

The best UK hybrid mattress for heavy people is the BEDZONLINE 4ft Small Double. This mattress’s unique design provides the perfect balance of support and comfort. This bed is comfy.

The hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant BEDZONLINE Mattress is unique. These 2374134-trademarked features clean your sleep environment, which is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

This mattress has full-length orthopedic support for picky sleepers. Its design improves sleep and spine alignment, so you wake up refreshed and ready to go.

BEDZONLINE Mattresses contour to your body using cutting-edge technology and premium materials. Doctors and chiropractors recommend body-molding comfort to relieve pressure points and provide unmatched comfort.

The reflex foam supports all sleepers—the best UK hybrid mattress for heavy people. The mattress’s elasticity and body moulding make it very comfortable. BEDZONLINE Mattresses are easy to buy. It arrives vacuum-packed, boxed, and rolled. You can quickly move it to your desired room before revealing the luxurious sleep surface. BEDZONLINE sells their mattress online only. Mattresses are made in-house and quality-checked.


Sizes available: Single, Double Type: Reflex Foam, Trial: Not Available

  • Exclusive trademarked properties resist allergens and dust mites.
  • Edge-to-edge system aligns the spine and improves sleep.
  • Relieves pressure points endorsed by professionals.
  • Conforms to the body and offers lasting support.
  • Vacuum-packed, easy transport.
  • Ensures quality control.


  • Firm support, ideal for heavy individuals.
  • Allergy-friendly for sensitive sleepers.
  • Expert-approved pressure relief.
  • Durability and body contouring.
  • Hassle-free, compact delivery.
  • Manufactured with quality assurance.


  • Limited delivery to specific regions.

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