5 Best firm mattress for heavy person uk in the UK 2023

If you weigh more than 220 lbs, you may have a hard time finding a comfortable and supportive mattress. Most mattresses are not designed to accommodate larger bodies, and they can sag, sink, or lose their shape over time. Moreover, the heavier you are, the more firmness you need to keep your spine aligned and prevent pressure points. However, firm mattresses designed for heavier people are usually far more expensive than average ones, and they can be difficult to compare and choose from. That’s why my team of sleep experts have done the research for you. We have handpicked and tested dozens of mattresses that claim to be suitable for heavy sleepers, and we have compiled the list of the best firm mattresse for heavy person in the UK after analysing firmness, material type, sleep trial and value for the money.

List of the best firm mattress for heavy person in the UK

It is a firm UK mattress for heavy people. This UK bed brand’s luxurious and practical mattress is a good investment for a good night’s sleep.

This mattress has excellent memory foam. As you sleep, this comfort layer perfectly contours your body, relieving pressure. Memory foam evenly distributes weight, reducing pressure points and improving comfort for heavier people.

Zoned support distinguishes the Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress. Three strategically placed memory foam zones target shoulders, hips, and back. Zoning supports critical regions for spinal alignment and restful sleep. This helps heavier sleepers.

This allergy-friendly mattress is supportive. Allergy UK recommends Purotex fibres to fight dust mites actively. This promotes healthy, allergen-free sleep.

This Mattress is medium-firm and soft. It’s ideal for medium-firm side sleepers. This balance makes sleeping comfortable and supportive for many preferences.

Rolling and wrapping the mattress is convenient. This speeds delivery and simplifies mattress maneuvering in tight spaces. It enhances mattress use.

Features distinguish the Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress. UK’s most trusted bed brand designed its luxurious comfort and practical design. The 7-zone mattress’s body-molding memory foam comfort layer provides unmatched support and pressure relief across critical zones. Miratex foam cores prevent “roll-together” for uninterrupted sleep. The luxurious soft-knit cover adds comfort.


Sizes available: Euro Single, Single, Euro Double, Small Double, Euro King, Type: Memory Foam, Trial: Not Available

  • Contours and relieves pressure for restful sleep.
  • Targets shoulders, hips, and back for alignment.
  • Fights dust mites, endorsed by Allergy UK.
  • Ideal for side sleepers.
  • Rolled for tight spaces.
  • Minimizes motion maximizes support.
  • Trusted quality.
  • Extra cozy feel.


  • Pressure relief and body contouring for comfort.
  • Zoned support enhances alignment.
  • Allergy-resistant for healthier sleep.
  • Versatile medium comfort suits various sleep styles.
  • Easy delivery and setup in tight spaces.
  • Trusted UK brand.
  • Motion reduction and added support.
  • The luxurious cover adds comfort.


  • Not extremely firm.
  • Initial odour possible.
  • Not for extra-firm seekers.
  • Requires rotation for longevity.

Heavy people may prefer the Wowttrelax Double Mattress. This 8-inch 4FT6 medium-firm mattress has comfort, support, and restful sleep features.

This mattress’s appeal is comfort. The mattress’s 3D surface design and skin-friendly fabric enhance relaxation. This unique design gently massages and relieves pressure.

Wowttrelax Double Mattresses are quiet. High-quality springs absorb shock. The result? An environment that absorbs sleep-shift noise and vibrations. Calm, uninterrupted sleep.

Ergonomics is another benefit. It’s a 9-zone orthopaedic masterpiece. The mattress supports back, side, and stomach sleepers. Its three-layer design improves pressure distribution and lumbar support for a restful night in your preferred position.

The Wowttrelax Double Mattress has breathable fabric for good sleep. Bamboo fibres and advanced techniques create a soft, eco-friendly fabric. It wicks sweat and steam to keep you cool and dry.

Customer service distinguishes this mattress. Mattresses are vacuum-packed in recyclable cardboard boxes. This eco-friendly method emphasizes sustainability and convenience. The brand offers a 100-night trial. Sleep, rest, dream—they’ll refund your money if the mattress doesn’t meet your expectations.


Sizes available: Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, Type: Memory Foam, Trial: 100-night trial

  • Soft fabric, pocketed springs for pressure relief and massage effect.
  • Absorbs noise, and vibrations for undisturbed sleep.
  • 9-zone orthopedic support, tailored to body and sleep position.
  • Bamboo fiber, anti-allergy, regulates temperature.
  • Vacuum-packed, recyclable, 100-night trial.


  • Comfortable with a 3D massage-like feel.
  • Sleep without disturbances.
  • Customized support for various sleep styles.
  • Breathable and allergy-friendly fabric.
  • Eco-conscious approach and trial period.


  • Initial memory foam odour.
  • Limited options for softness preference.

Heavy people’s best UK firm mattress is the Molblly Double Mattress. This hybrid mattress has multi-layer comfort, durable materials, and value.

The Molblly Double Mattress looks cozy with its quilted fabric. Firmer sleepers benefit from this surface’s layers.

High-quality, breathable fabric cools the mattress top. A 0.5-inch memory foam layer below provides comfort without affecting the temperature. Third-layer foam prevents nighttime sinking. This layer aligns and relieves pressure points to help you sleep.

Individually Pocket Spring layer supports this mattress. This layer absorbs partner movements and supports specific body parts, making it a game-changer for heavy people. Weight-supported people need this.

Molblly Double Mattress prioritizes comfort, support, and durability. Mattresses have hundreds of sturdy pocket springs. This feature strengthens mattresses.


Sizes available: Small Double, Double, King, Type: Memory Foam, Trial: 100-night risk-free trial

  • Quilted fabric + foam comfort, steel coils for support.
  • Breathable fabric, memory foam, support foam, pocket springs.
  • Hundreds of pocket springs ensure lasting use.
  • Foam and springs alleviate pressure points.
  • Unbox, and decompress in 72 hours.
  • 10-year guarantee, 100-night risk-free trial.


  • Ideal for heavy individuals.
  • Breathable fabric, memory foam.
  • Pocket springs reduce disturbances.
  • Foam and springs align the body.
  • Steel coils, and pocket springs for longevity.
  • Warranty, and trial offer confidence.


  • Slight odour initially.
  • Takes 48-72 hours to expand.
  • Only one thickness option.

The SuiLong King Size Mattress with Better Edge Support is a game-changer for UK-heavy people looking for the best firm mattress. This 20cm 5ft Memory Foam Mattress has many features that promise an unmatched sleep experience. Examine this mattress’s benefits.

SuiLong provides support. Most sleepers like medium tension. Wake up refreshed and pain-free no matter how you sleep. The innovative 3-zone pocket-spring system supports your body. 2-layer Memory Foam relieves pressure points.

Breathable and hypoallergenic. Cotton thread softens and breathes. This design keeps allergens out. Airflow through the 5ft spring core cools sleep and evaporates moisture faster. The mattress meets CertiPUR-US quality, durability, and low-emission standards.

Restless sleepers love the SuiLong hybrid mattress. The many spring coils won’t wake your partner. Medium-firm innerspring support and high-density sponge provide uninterrupted sleep. A 105-day at-home trial lets the mattress adjust.

The ergonomic springs and core zone align your spine. Pocket-sprung mattresses are comfortable and firm. SuiLong Bedding reduces fatigue.

SuiLong disproves the idea that good sleep is expensive. This mattress is affordable and high-quality. Vacuum-sealed, compressed, and rolled. SuiLong’s mattress proves a professional development and R&D team can help anyone sleep well.

The ultra-soft, moisture-wicking cover keeps you cool and dry and protects your mattress from intruders. Egg wave foam adapts airflow to your body for comfort. Pocket spring coils make turning quiet. The medium-firm support and skin-friendly, hypoallergenic top cover provide a cloud-like sleep.


Sizes available: Small Single, Small Double, King, Type: Memory Foam, Trial: Not Available

  • 3-zone pocket-spring system for all sleep positions.
  • Ideal balance for various sleep preferences.
  • Conforms to body, relieves pressure points.
  • Protects against allergens, promotes airflow.
  • Independent springs prevent disturbances.
  • Adapts to body, maintains spine alignment.
  • Premium sleep experience at an affordable price.
  • Easy setup, rolled and vacuum-sealed.


  • Comfortable for all sleepers.
  • Undisturbed sleep, even for restless individuals.
  • Supports body shape and spine alignment.
  • Guards against allergens for healthier sleep.
  • High-quality sleep without the high cost.
  • Convenient setup and transport.


  • Mild smell upon unboxing, fades quickly.
  • Not suitable for very soft or extra-firm preferences.

The Novilla 4FT6 Foam Mattress is the UK’s firmest mattress for heavy people. This mattress is a sleep champion due to its exceptional comfort and support.

The Novilla foam mattress’s 9-zone cut is impressive. This clever design supports your body in all sleeping positions. Novilla’s 9-zone foam mattress contours to your body, making every night’s sleep rejuvenating.

The Novilla foam mattress prioritizes safety and comfort. This mattress is a sleep sanctuary with skin-friendly OEKO-TEX fabric and CertiPUR-US foam. Top-quality materials that prioritize your health protect your sleep.

Flippability distinguishes the Novilla foam mattress. This mattress has two comfortable sides, unlike most. The other side has smaller wavy foam patterns. This intelligent design variation accommodates different sleep preferences, allowing you to switch things up for a refreshing sleep adventure each night. Two great mattresses in one.


Sizes available: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, Type: Cotton Foam, Trial: Not Available

  • Adapts to all sleep positions for optimal comfort.
  • Safe, skin-friendly materials for sleep health.
  • Two sides for varied sleep preferences.
  • Test at home for satisfaction.
  • Long-term quality assurance.


  • 9-zone design ensures cozy sleep.
  • Flippable feature offers versatility.
  • Certified materials prioritize safety.
  • Suitable for various sleep styles.
  • 10-year warranty guarantees long-lasting use.


  • Not suit those wanting softer feel.

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