5 Best double camping mattress in the UK 2023

While We don’t necessarily expect a five-star hotel experience when camping, we do appreciate a comfortable and cosy sleeping surface. Believe it or not, your sleeping bag isn’t the only thing that affects your quality of sleep in the outdoors. For a good night’s sleep in the bush, you also need the best camping bed that suits your needs and preferences. There are many factors to consider when choosing a double camping mattress, such as size, weight limit, water resistance, comfort, insulation, inflation method, and price. To help you find the perfect match for your next adventure, we have handpicked and compiled the list of the best double camping mattresses in UK after analysing dozens of options based on Material, Item weight, Weight limit, and Water resistance level.

List of Best Double Camping Mattress in The UK

The Active Era Luxury King Size Air Bed is the most comfortable and innovative camping bed. As a camper and hunter of the best UK double camping mattress, I can say that this air bed is a game-changer.

The Active Era Luxury Air Bed’s revolutionary internal support structure is remarkable. This clever design mimics bed slats for optimal support and comfort throughout the night. No more camping beds or uneven surfaces. This air bed’s ergonomic design accommodates many body types, ensuring a restful night wherever you are.

No more manual pumping and huffing. The built-in electric pump inflates this air bed in two minutes. One switch makes the bed ready for sleep. The automated deflation feature makes packing and moving easy, even in small spaces.

The ergonomic pillow changes everything. It provides unparalleled head and neck support that feels like bed. This attention to detail distinguishes the Active Era Luxury Air Bed from other camping mattresses, combining luxury comfort with outdoor convenience.

This outdoor air bed has a thick, puncture-resistant flocked top layer. No more spills, stains, or punctures. This camping mattress from Active Era is built to last.

This air bed’s generous L203 x W152 x H56 cm inflated dimensions allow you and your camping partner to stretch out and relax. The extra height makes getting out of bed easy for all ages and mobility levels. Puncture repair patches and a carry bag ensure you’re ready for anything.

The Active Era Luxury King Size Air Bed is the UK’s best double camping mattress due to its innovative features, comfort, and durability. This air bed is perfect for camping or as a guest bed. Active Era’s innovative product enhances camping comfort.


Sizes available: King, Type: Polyvinyl Chloride, Weight limit: 295 Kilograms

  • Innovative support mimics traditional bed slats.
  • Built-in pump for quick 2-minute setup.
  • Ergonomic pillow enhances neck and head support.
  • Puncture-resistant, durable construction.
  • King size dimensions with raised pillow.
  • Includes repair patches and travel bag.


  • Luxurious comfort for a great sleep.
  • Effortless setup and deflation.
  • Exceptional head and neck support.
  • Long-lasting and durable materials.
  • Spacious sleeping area.
  • Portable and easy to store.


  • Requires electricity for pump.
  • Takes up more storage space.
  • Not suitable for electricity-free environments.
  • Slight noise during pump use.

Having the right gear helps make outdoor memories. Campers seeking comfort and convenience will love the YISSVIC Double Camping Mat Inflatable Sleeping Mat. This camping mattress has many features to make stargazing a dream for adventurous couples and families.

The 3.94-inch (10cm) thick YISSVIC double camping mattress comfortably fits two people at 74.8 inches (190cm) long and 55 inches (140cm) wide. This thoughtful design prevents cramped sleeping quarters, making camping extra cozy.

The YISSVIC inflatable camping mattress provides comfort and convenience. This lightweight mattress made from 40D nylon is ideal for backpackers who value comfort over weight and space. The mattress’s strip design and 3.9-inch thickness provide unmatched support, preventing hips and elbows from grazing the ground.

The YISSVIC double camping mattress has a great inflation mechanism. A good valve system and a well-designed inflatable pump make camping easy. The double stoma design prevents leaks, making outdoor adventures worry-free. The mattress ensures a restful sleep and makes camping easy.

YISSVIC camping mattresses excel at the campsite. It has an easy-to-carry bag. Active outdoors enthusiasts and families who want to make memories in nature will appreciate this feature.

The YISSVIC Double Camping Mat eliminates poor camping sleep. The double sleeping pad and improved air circulation from the inflatable pump and valve ensure fast inflation and deflation. The full-length pad cushions support your heels and keep your feet warm on cooler nights.


Sizes available: Doppel, Type: Nylon, Weight limit: 350 Kilograms

  • Measures 74.8″ x 55″, accommodating two sleepers comfortably.
  • Crafted with premium 40D nylon for durability without added weight.
  • 3.94″ (10cm) thickness prevents ground contact discomfort.
  • Inflatable pump and valve system for quick inflation.
  • Double stoma design ensures leak-free nights.
  • Carrying bag provided for convenient storage and transport.
  • Strip design and 3.9″ thickness offer optimal comfort.
  • Full-length pad keeps feet cozy.


  • Spacious for couples or families.
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • Stable and comfortable sleep surface.
  • Effortless inflation setup.
  • Reliable leak prevention.
  • Easy storage and portability.
  • Enhanced comfort and support.
  • Feet stay warm even in cold weather.


  • Bulkier for minimalist backpackers.
  • Requires careful handling to prevent punctures.
  • Not suitable for those preferring thinner mattresses.
  • Reliance on air pump for inflation.

The Suliko Air Mattress is a top contender for the best UK double camping mattress, offering comfort and convenience.

Suliko Air Mattress’ effortless inflation is a standout feature. The built-in electric pump eliminates manual pumping and huffing. Your air bed goes from compact to plush in 3–5 minutes.

This camping mattress is comfortable. The unique ergonomic design provides stability and support like a bed. Whether camping in nature or hosting a guest, you can expect a restful night without the discomfort of outdoor bedding.

This air mattress is durable and comfortable, made from premium PVC with a thickness of 0.65mm. The high-quality, skin-friendly, water-repellent construction addresses outdoor use concerns. The double run-flat material ensures countless camping trips.

Campers value portability. With dimensions of 80 × 60 × 18 inches when fully expanded, the Suliko Air Mattress excels. It comfortably seats individuals and couples at 660lbs. After the adventure, simply fold and store it in the carrying case. This mattress works indoors and outdoors.

The Suliko Air Mattress offers a convenient package. The air bed includes a storage bag, PVC repair patches, and a manual. This bundle’s thoughtful additions make camping easier than ever.


Sizes available: Queen, Type: Polyvinyl Chloride, Weight limit: 660 Pounds

  • Built-in pump inflates in 3-5 minutes.
  • Ergonomic stability for restful sleep.
  • 0.65mm thick, skin-friendly PVC.
  • 80 × 60 × 18 inches, 660lbs capacity.
  • Includes storage, patches, manual.


  • Quick and easy inflation process.
  • Bed-like comfort for quality sleep.
  • Durable and water-resistant materials.
  • Versatile size and weight support.
  • Comprehensive package for simple setup.


  • Requires electricity for inflation.
  • Power source needed for setup.
  • Not ideal for off-grid camping.
  • Larger packed size than some options.

The MLMLANT Double Camping Mat with LED Light excels in outdoor comfort. This UK’s best double camping mattress has great features.

Thickened and Widened Comfort: The inflated dimensions of 210×140×10cm show a commitment to providing a wilderness oasis. This 4-inch double sleeping pad protects against cold floors, damp ground, and hard stones. The pillow and ergonomic air column design allow for multiple sleeping positions.

The MLMLANT camping mat’s built-in foot pump makes inflation easy. Your camping shelter is ready in 3 minutes, saving 40%–50% of inflation time. This self-inflating marvel deflates in 10 seconds, making setup and packing fast and hygienic.

This camping mattress is waterproof and puncture-resistant, made of high-quality 40D nylon and TPU. After inflation, it can support 661lb/300kg, proving its durability and wilderness reliability.

The travel-friendly MLMLANT double camping bed weighs 2.2 kg (4.8 lb). It fits easily into your backpack bag when folded to 341717cm ( LED lights enhance your camping experience.

This camping mat’s ‘Z’-shaped thick air pipes and ‘W’-shaped pump pillow provide personalized comfort. This mattress supports body and neck regardless of sleeping position.

The MLMLANT Double Camping Mat with LED Light is a leading UK double camping mattress. Its comfort, innovation, and durability create an unforgettable outdoor experience. This camping comfort masterpiece is the ideal camping companion.


Sizes available: XX-Large, Type: Nylon,Tpu, Weight limit: 300 Kilograms

  • 210×140×10cm size with 4-inch thickness, ergonomic design, and included pillow for versatile comfort.
  • Built-in foot pump inflates in 3min, deflates in 10s – saves time and energy.
  • 40D nylon and TPU construction, supports up to 661lb/300kg, waterproof and puncture-resistant.
  • Weighs 2.2 kg (4.8 lb), compact at 341717cm, LED light included.
  • ‘Z’ shaped air pipes, ‘W’ shaped pillow for optimal body and neck support.


  • Ample size and thickness offer insulation and comfort.
  • Convenient built-in foot pump speeds up inflation.
  • Reliable durability and resistance to damage.
  • Easy to carry and set up.
  • Personalized comfort for various sleep positions.


  • External pump option not available.

 Navy Blue Uponer Double Inflating Camping Sleeping Mat. Outdoor enthusiasts can sleep comfortably on this camping sleeping mat.

Uponer’s latest camping sleeping pad is thick and wide. This 11cm-inflatable mattress provides luxurious cushioning for any sleeping position. So long, restless nights.

This camping mattress is made of ultra-thick waterproof 40D nylon and eco-friendly TPU to withstand harsh conditions. Outdoor adventures suit its durability and tear-resistance. Heat-sealed edges prevent air leaks and tears from disrupting sleep.

The lightweight 1.1kg Uponer camping sleeping mat. 23cmx35cm makes it backpack-friendly. Backpackers and campers will love this mattress.

No mouth-blowing or extra pumps. The Uponer camping mat’s foot pump inflates easily. In 2-3 minutes, hand-pressing will fully inflate your mattress. Deflation takes under 60 seconds. Uncap the valve, roll it, and pack for your next adventure.

Uponer’s innovative mattress has shaped air cells and a pillow. These components relieve back and neck pressure and customize body balance and comfort. Sleep well on this camping mattress.


Sizes available: Double, Type: Nylon, Weight Limit: 1.1 Kilograms

  • Extra thickness for comfy sleep in any position.
  • Waterproof 40D nylon & TPU, sealed edges.
  • 1.1kg, folds into 23cmx35cm.
  • Built-in foot pump, quick inflation & deflation.
  • Innovative air cells & pillow for support.


  • Generous thickness for quality sleep.
  • Tough materials & sealed edges for durability.
  • Lightweight & compact for outdoor trips.
  • Built-in pump, adaptable support.


  • Foot pumping needed for inflation.
  • Folded thickness takes space.

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