5 Best Corner Decoration Ideas for Living Room in the UK 2023

If you are looking for the best Corner Decoration Ideas for Living Room in the UK then, you are in the right place. Through this post I will show you some of the most popular and unique ways to decorate Living Room corner spaces. Tell me if you can relate. There are times when you go up to a friend’s house, ring the the doorbell and get invited in and it seems nice, with all the right furniture and wall hangings and stuff. But the room feels a bit stark and uninviting. There really isn’t that warm, inviting, or cosy feeling to the room. Next time you feel something like this, try and notice the corners of the room. Chances are that you would find that the corners of the room are just that – corners, unadorned and lying bare.

It is a scientific fact that, we associate sharp and pointed things with words like impersonal, methodical, industrial where as we associated rounded or tastefully irregular things with words like comforting, cosy and welcoming. In this article, we discuss corner decoration ideas for the living room to make it feel more welcoming and warmer.

Factors to consider before finalising corner decoration for living room

When it come to aesthetics and design, there is no one size fits all solution. The same holds true for decorating the corners in your living room. Depending on the nature of the space, the decoration will also differ, in this section of the article, we discuss these different types and brainstorm ideas that could elevate these spaces.

01. Living room corner with window

Living room corner with window

If you have a living room corner with a window, it gives you a lot of options to work with. But there are factors here as well, that you might want to consider like how much light does the window let in, is there a great view out the window, etc. For example, if it is a window that lets in a lot of light all through the day, as a north facing window would do in summers, then that could be a great place to put in some plants. But, if you find the view out the window to be good, putting a plat there would be a waste. You could rather put in a work desk there and set up a cosy little workspace with a great view.

02. Living room corner with little space on one side

Living room corner with little space on one side

It is possible that you might have asymmetric space on either side of the corner which can make decorating it a bit difficult. In such cases, there are several ideas that can help in adding flair to the corner. You could, for example, create a gallery of photos on the walls along the corner, and using the direction of the walls as a tool for emphasis or segregation.

03. Living room corner with space in front of it

Living room corner with space in front of it

In case you have a corner space that is approachable directly, it opens itself up to a world of possibilities. Depending on the size of the space, you could turn it into a wet bar, or adorn the walls with a wall hanging display cabinet. You could place a corner shaped book shelf or place a decorative art piece. You could even place a console table or a standing table, to make the space more utilitarian. There are lots of options that you could do with it.

04. Living room corner with little space in front of it

Living room corner with little space in front of it

On the other hand, if you have very little space around that corner, you could always cosy up the space for yourself. You could turn into a cute little space with a seating area for yourself. You could turn the place into a shrine or a temple with idols of Buddha or Ganesha or even family members who might have passed away that you wish to dedicate the space to. There are virtually endless options.

05. Living room corner near the seating area

This is the most common way to fill up a corner and it’s almost ubiquitous now in any upscale residence – the L shaped couch. The L-shaped couch need not be the centre piece of your living room at all times, it can also work beautifully in corners to create a nice warm sitting area for you and your friends.

Living room corner near the seating area

The aim of the above discussion was to give you corner decoration ideas for the living room. The ideas presented above are not exhaustive, and there are a lot of ideas that have not been discussed. You would have to find the right fit for your room based on the aesthetic appeal that you find right for your space.

4 unique and creative corner decoration ideas for the living room

01. Add a show piece

Add a show piece

Adding a showpiece furniture is a broad and vague suggestion and there is a lot of room to play with here. Depending on the vibe that you are going for, in your living room, you can put in a variety of showpieces in the corner. It could be decorative folding wall that enhances the look of the space or a statue that goes with the look of the room. The options are numerous.

Wall Gallery

As mentioned above, creating a gallery can be very effective, especially in asymmetric spaces. The advantage with them is that they are modular and highly customisable. You can go for a uniform rectangular grid for the gallery, or a more artsy collage. The height factor also comes into play where you can decide the amount of wall that you want covered with the gallery. You can also pair up this design with other corer pieces like round tables, art pieces, etc.

03. Corner Shelves

They are probably the most common and effective use of the corner space. Book shelves are pretty common as well in this type of space. Otherwise, you could always go for a more decorative look.

04. L-shaped booths

L-shaped booths

You know the classic diner look, the cosy romantic early-morning kind of a space. If you have the space, you can make a similar space with a L-shaped bench and a rectangular coffee table and get a charming breakfast space.

Or you could also put in a full sized L-shaped couch and a matching coffee table to turn the space into a sitting area or lounge area for the living room.

The verdict

What we have presented here are but a few of the corner decoration ideas for the living room. You can take inspiration from them and find the right match for your space and spruce up your corners for a more lively and welcoming living room.

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