6 Best Anti Mould Paint in the UK

Where can I find the best anti mould paint in the UK? If you have been having problems in your house with mould, then anti-mould paint can be a great way to solve the problem. Mould can grow on walls and ceilings. The problem occurs because of moisture in the air that is caused by hot water in the form of steam that cannot escape and comes into contact with cold surfaces like walls or ceilings, causing condensation. People often experience this problem, even if they are using an extractor fan, because steam is hard to remove before it condenses, even with an extractor fan.

By preventing the growth of mould, there are several paint products on the market that prevent mould from growing. Moulds cannot grow in special paints because they contain biocides. Great! Black spots are no longer an issue!

Which paint should you choose? It’s true that there are many paints on the market CLAIMING to prevent mould, but based on our experience, that isn’t always the case.

Fortunately, we’ve taken our years of experience applying anti mould paint and combined it with real client feedback to create this definitive guide. Discover which ones we recommend in the following paragraphs.

List of the Anti Mould Paint

Following is the list of Anti Mould Paint available in the UK market.

Although not specifically marketed as anti-mould, Dulux’s Easy Care Bathroom paint works very similarly to other products listed here.

Either way, Easy Care Bathroom Paint is a very tough and durable emulsion that is exceptionally resistant to moisture and steam. To this end, we recommend this product when it comes to painting bathrooms.

With Dulux’s mould resistant technology, you are guaranteed to have mould-free paint for at least five years. However, this does have the disadvantage of having to repaint after it stops working, though, given the length of time and ease in which it can be done, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

In contrast to most other paints on our list, Dulux provides a soft sheen finish that doesn’t need to be repainted once it’s dried. With its cool neutral colours, you can choose any colour from White Mist to Slate Grey, adding a contemporary feel to your bathroom.

  • Painter’s first choice.
  • Maintains a soft sheen.
  • 5 years mould resistance.
  • Ideal for bathrooms and steamy areas.
  • Expires in 5 years.

Our first thought when it comes to damp proof products is Dryzone, so any list on anti-mould paint would naturally be incomplete without mentioning them both. Today we’ll be talking about their magnolia paint.

Even against the most persistent condensation, this particular paint is very effective in preventing dampness and mould.

The fast-drying formula leaves a surface that can be easily washed, making it the perfect choice for use on walls or ceilings that receive moderate traffic, with frequent washings being no problem.

Once fully set, the finish leaves a soft sheen in magnolia and results in a sophisticated yet simple look.

  • Easy to use.
  • Good value for money.
  • Proven to be mould and damp resistant.
  • Leaves a magnolia soft sheen.
  • For use on interior walls and ceilings.
  • The best magnolia, but lighter.

Ronseal’s anti-mould paint provides both quality and value for money that’s hard to beat.

This nice and thick consistency of this paint offers minimal runoff, and most importantly prevents mould growth on walls and ceilings for 6 years. Designed to be used on walls and ceilings, it is just as effective on other areas of your home like doors and windows, though you should only use it in areas that receive little traffic.

Since it is extremely thick, it is a great insulator, especially when applied liberally. The untreated portion of our wall felt much cooler than the treated area, and during tests, this difference in temperature could be felt between the treated and untreated parts. It is a good way of giving you a good idea of how well it works!

This anti-condensation paint has a clean, white matt finish which in itself is worth keeping purely for aesthetic reasons.

  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Mould and moisture prevention can save you thousands of pounds
  • Mould and moisture prevention can save you thousands of pounds
  • Paint dries fairly quickly so you can finish painting during the day
  • None

The majority of paints on our list are perfect for the average DIYer due to their ease of application and value for money, however, there is nothing like using a quality product trusted by professionals.

Therefore, if you really want the best gear, you will want Zinsser Perma White mould resistant paint. Make sure you get the best results by following these steps:

  1. Use a mold killer on areas where mould has grown
  2. To ensure mould does not come back, use a good quality stain blocker
  3. Paint Perma White in 2-3 coats

This paint has an opacity that isn’t all that great, so I would suggest applying three coats in order to achieve a pleasing level of opacity. You might be wondering, 3 coats! You’ll find that Perma White has much better coverage than typical paint since trade paint is usually better than retail paint.

  • UK professionals trust this.
  • Offers superior coverage
  • Even the highest moisture rooms can be used with this product.
  • UK professionals trust this.
  • Offers superior coverage.
  • Even the highest moisture rooms can be used with this product.

Ronseal One Coat Damp Seal is known for its efficient and versatile properties. Walls and ceilings are allegedly protected with this quality base coat that covers damp stains permanently and prevents them from damaging the paintwork.

However, the product will keep your environment clean and clutter-free for years to come, regardless of moisture.

Brushes or rollers must be used to apply this coating, and it requires only one coat to treat the surface, leaving a reliable surface to paint over after only four hours. The best part of the product is its unparalleled breathability, which ensures that any trapped moisture can evaporate without causing further damage.

You can therefore apply the product to damp surfaces without having to wait for them to dry. To achieve the best results, paint a border of at least 30 centimetres around the patch to completely cover it.

The Ronseal Damp Seal and the Ronseal Anti-Mold paint together provide a cost-effective and efficient anti-mould and anti-damp system for all problematic homes.

  • Suitable for bare interior walls and ceilings and previously painted walls.
  • Fast-drying solvent-based product. 
  • Basecoat is available in various sizes.
  • 1-litre coverage up to 5m².
  • Dry aerosol sprays are easier and faster to apply.
  • • It’s a thick, difficult-to-apply basecoat.
  • Ronseal Damp Seal is a toxic solvent.

In contrast to the other two products, Polar Dampseal uses synthetic resins known as Pliolite, giving it better damp resistance immediately after application. As a result of the resins, Polar Damp Seal can quickly be applied to damp surfaces or to areas subject to condensation.

Solvent-based products have more volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than water-based ones, so make sure they are well ventilated before using them. When applying the paint, use gloves and eye protection as necessary. Additionally, if ventilation is insufficient, you should wear additional PPE.

Damp Seal can be applied with a roller, but since it contains Portland cement, which leaves a slightly textured look, a brush is better for a smooth finish.

Besides acting as a stain-blocker, the damp seal can also be used to refinish water-damaged surfaces.

  • One coat is enough
  • Immediately repels water upon application
  • It can be overpainted in white or magnolia
  • Blocks stains
  • 1-litre tins not available
  • Water-toxic
  • Ventilation is important in the room

Frequently asked Questions

Are anti-mould paints effective?

Yes, mold-inhibiting paint works well in places where moisture and condensation are prevalent as the biocides present in the paint damage the cell membranes and essentially kill mould before it can grow.

The first thing you should do is to look at the environmental factors within your home to determine if there are things you can do to prevent mold from growing.

If your bathroom suffers from condensation, you might consider installing a proper ventilation system. Even if they’re expensive to install, mold-resistant paint is only going to last a few years before you have to repaint it.

Is there a way to paint over mould with anti mould paint?

It would be harmful to paint over mould with anti mould paint as it is more of an inhibitor than a fungicide. If you were thinking of painting over mold, we strongly advise against it.

Consider buying a mould killer instead. It is much more effective to use a concentrated fungicide to eliminate mould and so this would be a good starting point. Following this, a stain blocker and several coats of mould-resistant paint should keep you mould-free for years to come.

Are budget antimould paints worth the money?

According to our professional opinion, we should avoid budget anti-mould paints. It is not cheap to add biocides that will ultimately prevent mould growth on your surfaces. Therefore, a budget mould-resistant paint is unlikely to contain a lot of biocides.

You will waste your time, effort, and money if the paint does not work.

We chose Ronseal’s anti mould paint for DIYers because it’s the best product on our list, but all of the products included will work well at inhibiting mould growth.

A truly professional finish is achieved by applying two or three coats of Zinsser Perma White followed by a clean and stain blocker.


It is highly recommended to invest in quality anti-mould paint after you tackle the causes of damp. They provide greater protection than regular emulsion paints while still allowing moisture trapped behind the paint to escape. No matter if you want to seal damp patches on walls and ceilings or simply want to protect the room from mould, all of the suggestions above will help you

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