Top 6 advanced gutenberg blocks

Do you want to know which WordPress Gutenberg plugins and addons are best? Today, in this post I will try to guide you to select the best-advanced Gutenberg blocks.

In order to make WordPress more user-friendly, WordPress has introduced The Block Editor in Ver 6.0. Compared to the previous Block editor, the new one is more capable and allows you to create beautifully designed content.

Blocks such as paragraphs, images, buttons, and galleries are available in WordPress Gutenberg. 

However, if you want to create more stunning and engaging content, you should consider using third-party blocks.

01. Ultimate Blocks

With more than 15 excellent Gutenberg blocks, Ultimate Blocks helps you create better and more engaging content. Best of all, it’s free. From, you can download it and get started right away.

To keep your site lightweight and optimized, you can disable or enable individual blocks in Ultimate Blocks. There is also a lot of optimization in the code.

You can optimize it for search engines. Several schema types are available – HowTo, FAQ, and Review. Your search engine rankings will improve if you use these schemas.

You can use all of the blocks to improve the look and feel of your content. There are plenty of options for optimizing each block as well.

01. Genesis Blocks

Blocks for Gutenberg’s editor are available in Genesis Blocks. Aside from the library of blocks, Genesis Blocks includes many page sections and layouts, which can all be accessed directly from the block editor.

Upon installation of Genesis Blocks, the plugin gives you access to more than 12 new blocks and several numbers of pre-built page layouts, which are all optimized for speed.  

03. PublishPress Blocks

A powerful plugin for creating professional websites, PublishPress Blocks comes with several fantastic blocks. There are numerous excellent blocks available in PublishPress, but Content Display stands out among them. It’s possible to create blog layouts, show posts from a particular author, and create custom post types. Users can also be blocked or enabled.

04. Gutenberg Blocks by BlockArt

Our list starts with the dynamic plugin BlockArt, designed for efficiency and simplicity. Thanks to its robust list of features, you can easily set up a great website with BlockArt. A caching plugin is fully compatible with it, and it is pretty lightweight and fast.

A further benefit of the plugin is that it reduces the size of the page by limiting markup, making it faster. As an additional feature, BlockArt offers beautiful pre-built templates and the ability to import any section or page. Make BlockArt a part of your options today, and don’t second guess yourself!

05. Otter

Otter is another excellent plugin for WordPress Gutenberg blocks. The theme includes more than 15 unique blocks to help you design beautiful websites. 

The Otter Options can also be found on the right corner of Gutenberg. Defaults are set here, so you can use them while editing.

Blocks can be customized with CSS codes with Otter. Each block in the backend has a separate CSS area. You don’t have to worry about it, and it’s just an additional feature. To take advantage of this plugin, you don’t need to code.

06. Stackable

When it comes to Gutenberg addons that contain lots of blocks, Stackable should be your first choice. The blocks are highly customizable. There are more than 25 in total. Because of this plugin, you can style each block in three different ways. The inspector, the toolbar, or the global settings panel are all options.

As well as that, you get ready-made UI kits and block designs. Bloggers will also appreciate this WordPress custom blocks plugin because there are six unique layout options for the blog posts block. Because so many blocks are packed with features, it’s easy to build an entire website.

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